15 Mystifying Superstitions About Babies And Pregnancy From Around The World

15 Mystifying Superstitions About Babies And Pregnancy From Around The World

Ah, superstitions. We've all heard them: the old wives' tales, the folklore, the ancient traditions that have been passed down through generations. Some of them are silly, some of them are strange, and some of them are downright bizarre. 

From the belief that cutting a baby's nails will give them sticky fingers to the notion that eating sweet or bitter food can determine the gender of a baby, superstitions have been around for centuries and have been used to explain the unknown and to ward off bad luck. 

In this list, we'll explore some of the more unique superstitions about babies and pregnancy from around the world. From the Serbian tradition of not buying presents before a baby is born to the Egyptian ritual of making noise on the seventh day after a baby is born, we'll explore some of the most interesting ones out there. So, read on, if you dare, and discover the strange, the weird, and the wonderful baby superstitions from around the globe!

Mirrors -- not until after the christening.

CRACKED BABIES LOOKING INTO A MIRROR Many people in Greece still believe that a baby shouldn't see their reflection in a mirror until after they've been christened, as a way to protect their soul. This practice is still followed in many places, not just in Greece.

Huff Post / YT 

Bear-back riding: the British cure for whooping cough?

CRACKED RIDING A BEAR TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH In the UK, some people believe that if a kid gets on the back of a bear, it will keep them safe from whooping cough.

BBC / Fantasy Photos 

Snoozing until due-date.

CRACKED SLEEPING PREGNANCY In Northwest Africa, there is a widespread belief in sleeping pregnancy. It's thought that a woman can be pregnant for an unusually long time, and the baby will stay dormant in the womb until it wakes up and starts to grow again.

JHU / Pexels 

Cutting corners leads to sticky fingers?

CRACKED CUTTING BABIES' NAILS In Wales, it's an old tradition that parents don't cut their baby's nails until they're six months old. It's believed that if you do, the baby will grow up to be a thief and have sticky fingers.


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