15 Celebrations That Somehow Ended In Disaster and Tragedy

From Cleveland’s Balloonfest ’86 to Argentina’s World Cup win, celebrations gone wrong can have tragic consequences.
15 Celebrations That Somehow Ended In Disaster and Tragedy

Ah, the joy of celebration. There is nothing quite like the feeling of elation and jubilation that comes with achieving a goal, winning a game, or just having a great time with friends. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t always end the way we want it to. From the disaster that was Cleveland’s Balloonfest ’86, to the tragedy of the Loveparade in Duisburg, Germany, to the crowd crushes at the Astroworld Festival in Houston and the Pearl Jam concert in Roskilde, Denmark, to the Kiss nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil, to the shattered glass door of an Argentinian Twitch streamer, to the stampedes in Shanghai and Kampala, to the unfortunate tumble of Matt Adams in London, to the MV Wakashio in the Indian Ocean, to the early celebration of Asim Rose in Lexington, to the wild night out of a stag party on the Droitwich Canal, these events serve as a reminder that taking proper safety measures and being mindful of our actions can mean the difference between life and death. So, let us take a moment to look back at these cautionary tales and remember to take care of ourselves and each other, especially when we celebrate.

Steve Morrow: the only person to break their arm while celebrating a win?

Celebrations that ended in disaster London yr. FA Cup Final Footballer Steve Morrow broke his arm when Tony Adams lifted him up to celebrate his winning goal in the '93 FA Cup Final, so he couldn't get his medal. CRACKED

Via The Guardian

The Guardian

Matt Adams: conquering the hills and taking a tumble in the grass?

Celebrations that ended in disaster VISA VISA London Revolution During the 2014 London Revolution race, cyclist Matt Adams tried to celebrate after a big climb by taking his hands off the handlebars and doing a flashy trick, but ended up falling over and landing in the tall grass. Desaitte asics SHO3 KKZ CRACKED

Via Eurosport


Asim Rose was so close to the end zone, he could almost taste it... but not quite.

Celebrations that ended in disaster Kentucky vs. Ole Miss In a 2020 football game, Asim Rose of Kentucky almost scored a TD on the first drive, but he celebrated too soon and was tackled short of the goal line, then fumbled. ó 22 3 CRACKED

USA Today

The boys had a ... wild night out?

Celebrations that ended in disaster United Kingdom A bachelor party GREEN A party on the Droitwich Canal in Worcestershire went wrong when they sank a boat in a lock, flooding roads, and got stuck in another lock. CRACKED

Via The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Tragically, the start of 2015 was not a happy one for many families in Shanghai.

Celebrations that ended in disaster Shanghai New Year's Eve 2015 At least 36 people died and nearly 50 were injured in a stampede. Families of the victims were furious at hospitals for not giving them information. CRACKED

Zhou Miaochen/EPA (via The Guardian)

The Guardian

It took 10 years to find out that... No one was responsible?

Celebrations that ended in disaster Liebe hört niemals auf L'amore non viene mai meno El amor no acaba nunca Liefde houdt nooit op L'amor no acaba mai Love never ends DIE FALKEN U.S. the Germany Loveparade In 2010, 21 people died and 652 were injured at the Loveparade tragedy in Duisburg, Germany. A trial to find out who was responsible started in 2017, but ended without a verdict in 2020. CRACKED

Via DW


A Halloween to remember, but for all the wrong reasons.

Celebrations that ended in disaster South Korea The Halloween crowd crush Over 150 people died in Itaewon, Seoul, during Halloween 2022. Tens of thousands of people flooded the narrow, sloping streets, causing chaos and people slipping. CRACKED

YONHAP/Reuters (via The Guardian)

The Guardian

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