15 Simplistic Myths About Exercise, Debunked

15 Simplistic Myths About Exercise, Debunked

Ah, the world of fitness – a realm of myths, misconceptions, and misinformation. From the idea that spot fat reduction is possible to the notion that hours in the gym are required to get the body you want, it’s no wonder so many of us are confused about how to get fit and stay healthy. But have no fear – this list is here to take on the myths and set the record straight. 

We’ll start by debunking the idea that crunches alone will give you a six pack, and then move on to the truth about exercise and diet, and how neither one alone will get you to your fitness goals. We’ll explore the notion that your muscles will turn to fat if you skip the gym, and then examine whether it’s better to work out in the morning or at night. We’ll discuss the science behind weight loss, and why diet is key. 

So if you’re ready to get fit and stay healthy, this list is here to help. Let’s take on the myths and get the facts straight – no more hype, no more confusion, no more misinformation. Let’s get fit and stay healthy – smarter, not sorer.

Shedding sweat won’t shed pounds.

Sweating won't make you slim. CRACKED.COM Sweating does not directly lead to weight loss, as it is simply the body's way of regulating its temperature. Therefore, it is a flawed belief that the more you sweat, the more weight you lose.

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Scale not telling the whole story? Try measuring inches and body fat.

Bypass the scale: Track progress with body fat and inches. GE 0€ GO CRACKED.COM Weight loss is not always accurately measured by the scale, as it does not take into account body composition or daily fluctuations. Alternative methods of tracking progress, such as measuring inches and body fat, can be more effective in measuring success.

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24-hour muscle growth: spread out protein intake.

Get the most out of your workouts: spread protein intake throughout the day. CRACKED.COM Consuming protein is essential to workout recovery and results, and research shows that muscles remain responsive to protein ingestion for up to 24 hours after exercise, so it is not necessary to cram all of the protein in immediately after a workout. It is recommended to spread out protein intake throughout the day for optimal muscle growth.

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Gym cardio machines: 42% overestimation?

Don't trust the calorie counter: elliptical machines lie. 2121 BRAND NEW 462-296 Tony Little Gazelle 360 Total Body Trainer w/6 DVDS Retail Value $399.69 HSN Price $199.95 $22.95 S&H FREE CRACKED.COM Calorie counters on cardio machines at the gym can be inaccurate, with elliptical machines overestimating by up to 42%, and stair climbers by 20%. It is important to understand how to calculate calories burned and to use the talk test to gauge effort instead of relying solely on calorie counts.

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Progressive training: the key to injury-free running.

Forget static stretching - dynamic drills are the way to go. CRACKED.COM Static stretching does not reduce the risk of running injuries, and an active warm-up with dynamic stretching drills can help improve running performance. Progressive training is the best way to reduce injury risk and improve running performance.

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Don’t believe the hype – no spot fat reduction.

Crunches won't give you that six pack. CRACKED.COM Spot fat reduction is a myth and crunches alone won't give you a six pack; the only way to reduce fat in a certain area is to reduce body fat overall. Strength training can still be helpful in strengthening core muscles, but a six pack is only visible when body fat is reduced to lower ranges.

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