15 Unbelievable Facts About Real-Life Santas Claus, Moon Poop, And More

From sprouts to tigers, golf to poo-powered space exploration.
15 Unbelievable Facts About Real-Life Santas Claus, Moon Poop, And More

Ah, the wonders of the world! From the Brussels sprouts revolution, to a tiger's revenge, to a pilot's miraculous water landing, to Wayne Gretzky's record-breaking feats, to an unfinished beer in a pub, to the most common dreams in Canada, to a classic horror actress' overdue apology, to the mystical sounds of Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica, to the legal implications of corner-crossing in Wyoming, to the potentially memory-erasing power of photography, to a murder suspect's daring escape, to a post-9/11 radio ban, to a Nobel Prize-winning LSD discovery, to a century-old USPS tradition, to the Apollo landers' golf balls and human waste on the moon - the list of facts below is sure to ignite your curiosity and inspire your imagination. 

If you're looking to explore the human experience, look no further. This list of facts is full of surprises and unexpected stories, sure to be a fun and fascinating journey through time and space. So, without further ado, let's take a closer look and see what the world has to offer.

Send cheer to children nationwide - before December 10th!

CRACKED USPS HAS LET PEOPLE BE SANTA CLAUS FOR OVER A CENTURY. USPS Operation Santa® allows people to adopt and respond to letters sent from children across the country, fulfilling their holiday wishes. The tradition has been running for over 100 years with a deadline of December 10th each year.

USPS / Wikipedia 

Murder suspect goes extreme makeover; police tip leads to capture.

CRACKED A MAN (BRIEFLY) ESCAPED JUSTICE VIA PLASTIC SURGERY. Tatsuya Ichihashi wrote a book detailing his 2-and-a-half years on the run after being accused of rape and murder, during which he changed his appearance with extreme measures such as scissoring off part of his lower lip. Не was eventually arrested when police were tipped off about him visiting plastic surgery clinics.


Snapshots or memories?

CRACKED TAKING PICTURES MAY SCREW UP YOUR BRAIN. Taking photos may not be the perfect memory-retention tool we think it is, as research suggests that taking too many pictures can actually harm our brain's ability to remember moments.

NPR / Wired 

Rethinking the past: a classic horror movie actress gets an overdue apology.

CRACKED THE GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS TAKE BACK WHAT WAS NEVER THEIRS TO GIVE. The Razzies have rescinded Shelley Duvall's Worst Actress nomination for The Shining, citing Stanley Kubrick's mistreatment of her on set. Kubrick may be overrated, they said, but they're willing to admit their mistake in nominating Duvall.

Movie Web 

Waihao Forks Hotel: Unfinished beer, unfinished story.

CRACKED UNOPENED BEER AT MEMORIAL PUB: TED'S TRIBUTE TO WW2. Ted d'Auvergne was a Waihao Downs farmer who left a bottle of beer at the Waihao Forks Hotel when he set off for War in 1939. Sadly, he never returned and his bottle remains unopened at the pub as a memorial to all those who lost their lives in service. HOTEL FORKS PHO NATURAL WAIHAO FORKS HOTEL XXXX Home BEER of The - 1g Bottle i


Gretzky's dominance

CRACKED WAYNE GRETZKY'S '80S WERE RECORD-BREAKING. Wayne Gretzky dominated the NHL in the 1980s, setting records for most points (2,857) and goals scored (894). HOWE 1850


A perfect emergency landing by the "luckiest pilot on earth."

CRACKED THE ASOH DEFENSE -A FRANK ADMISSION OF GUILT. The passengers and crew of Japan Air Lines Flight 2 experienced the perfect water landing when their DC-8 plane descended into the foggy bay south of the intended runway on November 22, 1968, miraculously without a single injury beyond a bloody nose. I f--ked up, Captain Kohei Asoh said, as he accepted the blame and preserved his career. COAST GUARD

SF Gate 

Man and beast clash in Russian Far East.

CRACKED TIGER TAKES ON POACHER IN A DEADLY DUEL. In the Russian Far East, Amur tigers, which can weigh over 500 pounds and jump over a basketball hoop, often have to compete with humans for the same prey, but one poacher met a grisly end after he shot and wounded a tiger and stole part of its kill. The tiger then hunted down the poacher in a chillingly premeditated way.


Sprouts, scorned no more!

CRACKED THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS REVOLUTION! Once despised, Brussels sprouts have experienced a stunning resurgence in popularity, due to a Dutch scientist's discovery of their less-bitter varieties and the increased culinary demand for them.


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