15 Wild News Stories About NYC's Rat Tsar, Soccer Pirates, And More

From police cars to virtual parties - unexpected stories from around the world.
15 Wild News Stories About NYC's Rat Tsar, Soccer Pirates, And More

Are you ready for a wild ride? This is the list of facts that will have you on the edge of your seat. From a charming blonde and a police officer's patrol car, to a "Death Metal" growling bat, to a Rat Tsar with a salary of $120,000 to $170,000, you're in for a wild ride. 

We'll start with the story of Tyler Rawiri Tetera, a 23-year old from Whakatāne, New Zealand who used stolen photos and fake identities to deceive two victims into buying him cars and phones while posing as an attractive blonde woman on Tinder. He even managed to get a police officer to hand over his patrol car and body armor vest for use in the elaborate scam.

Then, we'll take a look at the EU Commission's £332,000 metaverse party flop that had a zero turnout. Talk about an expensive embarrassment!

We'll also dive into the lawsuit against TGI Fridays and Inventure Foods over their "TGI Fridays Mozzarella Sticks Snacks" product and the unexpected evidence in Harvey Weinstein's trial.

Rat Tsar sought: "Bloodthirsty" determination, $120K-$170K salary, amazing communicator.

CRACKED NYC NEEDS RAT TSAR: SALARY RANGE $120K-$170K, AURA OF BAD ASSERY REQUIRED. New York City is looking for a rat tsar to lead the city's long-running battle against rats, with a salary range of $120,000 to $170,000. The ideal candidate is expected to have excellent communication skills, a general aura of bad assery, and a somewhat bloodthirsty determination to look at all solutions from various angles.

The Guardian 

Ramaphosa's game over: Report uncovers potential corruption.

CRACKED SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT IN HOT WATER: MONEY STOLEN FROM GAME FARM? A parliamentary panel's probe found South African President Cyril Ramaphosa may have breached anti-corruption laws in connection with the alleged theft of money from his game farm. The report raised questions about the source and disclosure of funds, as well as potential conflicts between business and official interests.


Proving his invention works: Davis tests bulletproof vest with 192 shots.

CRACKED INVENTOR SHOOTS HIMSELF 192 TIMES - FOR SCIENCE! Richard Davis, inventor of the modern-day bulletproof vest, shot himself point blank 192 times to prove that it worked and his story is told in Ramin Bahrani's debut feature documentary 2nd Chance.

The Guardian 

Love and dissidence at risk in Indonesia's sweeping reforms.

CRACKED OUTLAWING ROMANCE: INDONESIA'S CONTROVERSIAL NEW LAWS. Indonesia introduced sweeping changes affecting civil liberties, such as outlawing sex outside marriage and insults against the president or state institutions. MENTCCURA TOLAK RE ST SEBELUM

The Guardian 

Say goodbye to silent lunches: Japanese schools embracing conversation.

CRACKED JAPAN FORMALLY ALLOWS STUDENTS TO TALK DURING LUNCH. The Japanese Ministry of Education has released a notification allowing students to talk during lunchtime, provided that appropriate COVID-19 countermeasures such as seating arrangements and ventilation are taken. Aggressor

The Mainichi 

Elnaz Rekabi, hijab-free in South Korea, faces family tragedy in Iran.

CRACKED IRANIAN ROCK CLIMBER DEFIES HIJAB; FAMILY HOME DESTROYED. Elnaz Rekabi, an Iranian rock climber who competed without her hijab in South Korea this fall and was seen as a symbol of the national uprising for greater freedoms for women, has had her family home demolished.


Qatar World Cup streams replaced with FIFA 23.

CRACKED SOCCER FANS SCAMMED WITH BOGUS FIFA 23 STREAMS. Thousands of people were tricked into watching pixelated replays from the soccer video game FIFA 23 instead of pirated streams of the World Cup in Qatar. The illegal streaming sites linked to YouTube channels with Vietnamese commentary, which added to viewers' belief that it was an actual stream.


Homelessness charity strike: Rent unpaid, discontent rising.

CRACKED CHARITY WORKERS JOIN DECEMBER OF DISCONTENT: PAY TOO LOW, RENT TOO HIGH. Workers at the housing and homelessness charity Shelter are beginning a two-week strike over pay, joining other sectors in what has been called the December of discontent. Unite union said that some staff were unable to pay their rent due to low wages.

The Guardian 

Palace controversy: Apology issued amid race-related concerns.

CRACKED BUCKINGHAM PALACE OFFICIAL RESIGNS OVER RACIAL GAFFE. The CEO of Sistah Space was questioned about her British nationality, and the Buckingham Palace official involved has apologized and resigned from their honorary role. The incident is likely to revive concerns that the palace is elitist and out of touch when it comes to issues of race.


Jury must consider 'unusual' genitalia in Weinstein case.

CRACKED WEINSTEIN'S ABNORMAL TESTICLES. During Harvey Weinstein's trial, his abnormal testicles emerged as a key piece of evidence for the jury to consider when determining whether he is guilty of rape and sexual assault. Numerous women accusing him have testified about his genitalia during the lengthy trial.


Daubenton's bats rock out with death metal growls.

CRACKED BATS VOCALIZE LIKE THEY'RE IN A DEATH METAL BAND. A new study has found that Daubenton's bats use vocal structures similar to those of death metal singers, allowing them to expand their vocal range and communicate with each other using low-frequency growls.


Commission's £332,000 metaverse party flop - zero turnout.

CRACKED EU COMMISSION SPENT $500K ON A METAVERSE PARTY FOR 6 PEOPLE. The EU Commission's attempt to engage young people in its policies through a virtual party on the metaverse platform failed spectacularly when only six people showed up, despite spending £332,000 ($500,000) on it. WEAR Nik where is the gala? 1 thought Nik the concert is just the same DI spin H PARTY same music fect place to meet nd enjoy some music crowd and take a Nik is anybody out there? know you can ny be useful to see that wondering E from up dose Derrick and Pilar seep

The Age 

Tinder's newest match: a charming blonde and a police officer's patrol car.

CRACKED COP DUPED BY TINDER CATFISH, GIFTS CAR AND VEST. Tyler Rawiri Tetera, a 23-year old from Whakatane, New Zealand used stolen photos and fake identities to deceive two victims into buying him cars and phones while posing as an attractive blonde woman on Tinder. Не also managed to persuade an active police officer to hand over his patrol car and body armor vest for use in the elaborate scam.

RNZ / Pexels 


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