Ways Dating Apps Have Failed Us

When the problem-solving app actually creates more problems.
Ways Dating Apps Have Failed Us

Dating apps have many well-known problems -- a paralyzing overabundance of choices, an ever-evolving built-in language of flirtation that's tough to keep up with, the fact that most humans are just, like, fine -- but like most things to come out of Silicon Valley, they also have a hidden dark side that we only occasionally get glimpses of.

As if the act of dating itself weren't already frustrating and draining beyond belief, here are ways dating apps have failed us.

Tinder makes singles particularly men -feel terrible about themselves. Studies say male Tinder users can take a hit to their egos and feel exploited.
Your would-be mate may be rejecting you based on your phone choice. 12 05 According to a Match.com survey of unhitched Americans, Android users are 15
Dating sites use algorithms but pad results with people you don't match with. Basically, you choose online dating because you think it narrows people
A regular first date involves small talk about stuff like if they like dogs or what languages they speak. But if you met on an app, you read all that
TwO Danish researchers grabbed data from 70;o00 OKCupid users for a study. Jazz Cap'n like They 2 Doreen, 96% matcl Lisa, 30 28 match 88% Kamilla, mat
The wide selection in an app spurs you to seek out a match, right? Think again. That very same perception that there are entire schools of fish in the
Match.com partnered with Amazon's Alexa, but they didn't quite think the programming through. People asked the device for dating advice, and it respon
An unusual name leaves you unlikely to get picked on apps. People stick to what they know, even if it means shunning a perfectly good set of genitals
Grindr was caught sharing users? HIV statuses with third-party developers. AIV Grindr's response was Grindr is a public forum, and it encouraged peo
Personality tests on dating sites are bizarre and leave no room for nuance. Here's an actual question from one: While in the middle of the best lovem
Angela Jay met Paul Lambert through Tinder. Things went bad. They dated for six weeks, then she broke it off, but Paul kept stalking her. Then Angela
Facebook unveiled its new dating feature, simply called Dating. MODEI VACATION Conversatione You 28 Christine, 28 Facebook Dating will definitely us
Security researchers discovered dating apps like Tinder kinda skimp on the whole security thing. Tinder The researchers were able to use easily expl
Even the most genuine photos and profiles don't show you everything you'd get face-to-face. SELEn And it's not because the owner is deliberately trick
Tinder is eliminating the home team advantage in basketbal. The advantage dropped a stunning 10 percent in the last decade, and the industry blames Ti
Certain race and gender combinations just don't do SO hot on dating apps. Black women and Asian men match less often (regardless of, as far as we can
Tinder Plus subscriptions gouge older users. The app released its Tinder Plus subscriptions with two different price levels, depending on how old you
A data collector scraped 40, 000 Tinder images as a data set to test his facial recognition Al. NEW Claire Kayleigh Erica Likes 99+ MESSAGES Stella Yo
Heard online dating works because many marriages today started online? That's very misleading. Forum Dating sites love throwing around that phrase,
Your chance of finding a mate through an app is depressingly low. Punxsutawney Phil predicts the seasons right only 39 percent of the time. Your chanc
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