MoviePass is at it again, this time with a new twist that will have you keeping your eyes on the screen. If you want to use the digital currency earned by watching ads on their upcoming app to "buy" movies, you'll have to make sure MoviePass detects that you're actually paying attention. The eye-tracking software will pause if it doesn't detect your gaze fixed on the movie. And Amazon Ring wants in on the future of home security with facial recognition technology that would scan visitors for irises, skin texture and more before letting them in. If anyone deemed "suspicious" showed up, homeowners would be alerted or all doors in the house locked automatically. Disney, on the other hand, is working towards creating personalized experiences for visitors by way of virtual simulations displayed through custom images according to tracking devices worn by guests in their venues--a concept first imagined in 2006 by George Saunders' satirical fiction story entitled "My Flamboyant Grandson." 

Amazon has figured out a new way to micro-manage its employees!

CRACKED Amazon has been granted patents for wristbands that would allow for ultrasonic tracking of a worker's hands to monitor performance using haptic feedback, which buzz the employee if they move to the wrong item. 16 16 20 20 20 22 X 12 20 14 20 16 16 The new patents are ostensibly for wristbands that Amazon employees would wear, which work in conjunction with ultrasonic devices strategically placed around Amazon's warehouses.

Fast Company 

Facebook just wants to make sure your messages have the right amount of sass.

CRACKED Facebook filed a patent in 2015 for ways to sense a smartphone user's typing speed and pressure, as well as the words used, in order to predict the emotion behind the message. 418 Receive image from imaging component. 310 420 Detect emotion characteristics from image. Like React Share 320 This would allow Facebook users to send messages with the correct emotional nuances.


This facial recognition software is patented for some creepy things, like deciding whether or not to grant access to people based on their face.

CRACKED Clearview AI has patented several potential uses for its facial recognition software, including the ability to match faces and grant or deny access to facilities. The technology could also be used to identify a sex offender or homeless person, or change the way law enforcement deals with specific situations by flagging whether someone at a scene has a mental issue or handicap.

Interesting Engineering  

This is truly next-level couch potatoing: Sony developed a patent for a device that would detect your emotions while you're vegging out in front of the PlayStation.

CRACKED Sony is developing a way to detect emotions using the PlayStation Eye in order to improve user experience. 17 На На На 10 SONY BRAVIA и UserID: User1 Emotion: Laugh Detected, Smile Detected Time: 1:05 PM Channel: 4 PLAYSTATIONS Program: Crazy Inventors 23 The patent filed device can use audio and visual feedback to attempt to identify when a person is bored, angry, sad etc. This technology could be applied to other forms of media presentations such as TV and film.

Euro Gamer  

Google can track your eye movements and match them with ads, as well as tell how you feel about an ad based on pupil dilation.

CRACKED Google has patented a way to track people's eye movements and match them with ads. They can also tell how you feel about an ad based on your pupil dilation. Google said they wouldn't use this technology for advertising on their wearable Google Glass devices, but it could be used in the future to harvest information or serve targeted ads.

PC Mag  

Microsoft is planning to monitor employees' body language and facial expressions in order to score how productive their meetings are.

CRACKED Microsoft has filed a patent for a system that would monitor employees' body language and facial expressions during work meetings, in order to give the events a quality score. 104A 106A 106C 78 106B 104C 106D 104B The patent envisions rooms being packed with sensors to monitor the participants. This raises privacy concerns, as Microsoft is already under fire over a separate productivity-score tool that allows managers to keep track of individual workers' use of different software programs.


Microsoft has a new patent that would use sensors to detect when you're frustrated or stressed, and offer assistance.

CRACKED Microsoft has patented a system that would use sensors to monitor people's vital signs, in order to detect frustration or stress and offer assistance accordingly. The system could be used on desktop computers, mobile devices, etc., but is not currently part of Microsoft's product plans.

WSJ / Digital Trends 

Verizon is watching you while you watch TV.

CRACKED The new Verizon patent detects what users are doing while watching TV in order to serve them targeted ads. The system uses sensors to detect actions like eating, exercising, laughing, and talking.

Gizmodo / NCTA 

Google's new electronic throat tattoo would be perfect for noisy places and can also detect lies!

CRACKED Google has created a new way for people to communicate better in loud places: an electronic throat tattoo. 280 This tattoo would work as a noise-canceling microphone and also have the ability to detect lies through galvanic skin response, sweating, etc.

The Atlantic 

This teddy bear is no ordinary stuffed animal--it's a Google-patented Wi-Fi device controller!

CRACKED Google has applied for a patent for a teddy bear that can control other Wi-Fi devices. MICROPHONE(S) 106 104 MICROPHONE(S) CAMERA(S) MOTOR(S) SPEAKER(S) CAMERA(S) MOTOR(S) SPEAKER(S) The connected toy would have sensors and cameras, and could rotate its head to look at people. Google says the patent application isn't an indication that the company will actually make or sell this product.


Shout at your TV to skip commercials, or play minigames to speed them up!

CRACKED Sony has filed for a patent that will allow users to skip commercials by shouting the name of the advertised product at the TV. 1508 1506 MCDONALD'S! 1514 The company also aims to create interactive commercials, which would require viewers to play minigames in order to speed up the ad. This way, viewers would be more likely to actually view the commercial.

Esquire / Fortune     

Disney is working on a patent for virtual simulations that would be used in real-world venues, like their theme parks.

CRACKED Disney recently filed a patent for virtual simulations that would be used in real-world venues, like their theme parks. The goal is to create personalized experiences for visitors by tracking them and displaying custom images. This technology was inspired by George Saunders' 2006 satirical fiction story, My Flamboyant Grandson.

Insidehook / Travel and Leisure 

With Amazon Ring, your home will be a fortress, scanning visitors for facial recognition, irises, skin texture and more.

CRACKED In the future, if Amazon Ring has its way, your front door will be a fortress that scans visitors for biometrics like facial recognition, irises, skin texture and more. ring If anyone deemed suspicious shows up, the alarm system will lock all the doors in the home or alert homeowners.

Know Techie 

If you want to use MoviePass's digital currency to "buy" movies, you'll have to keep your eyes on the screen.

CRACKED MoviePass, a service that allowed users to watch movies for cheap, has a new twist. If you want to use the digital currency earned by watching ads on their upcoming app to buy movies, you'll have to keep your eyes on the screen. 17:45 S 94% WATE moviepass™ The eye-tracking software will make sure you are actually watching and pause if it doesn't detect your attention.

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