14 Times Fans Rescued A TV Show From Being Scrapped By Execs

Charlie C is back as Daredevil, and he's thanking the fans.
14 Times Fans Rescued A TV Show From Being Scrapped By Execs

Sometimes, it's up to fans to save television executives from themselves. A charitable explanation is that these execs get so in-the-weeds with the business side of the equation, that they lose track of what makes for good TV. It's more likely, though, that they're just idiots who failed their way to the top.

How else can you explain a show like Arrested Development getting cut by the likes of Fox? Thankfully, diehard fans spent years mailing a bunch of protest letters – oh, and bananas – to Fox, who hopefully watched enough of their own show to get the reference. Then there's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, also given the axe by Fox, but quickly picked up by NBC, who saw the ratings potential of the rabid fan base. Unfortunately, the last season was filmed during a pandemic, and amidst a near-historic level of criticism of the American police state. Be careful what you wish for!


CRACKED Firefly gained a huge cult following after being canceled. The show only ran for 11 episodes before being canceled, but gained a large following of fans, (nicknamed Browncoats) who have fought for its continuation. Their efforts came to fruition with the release of the movie Serenity.

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The Expanse

Thanks to dedicated fans, Amazon decided to pick up The Expanse for a fourth season. When Syfy canceled The Expanse, fans started petitions and rented out airplanes to demand that Amazon pick the show up. And it worked! CRACKED

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CRACKED Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil, and he's grateful to the fans that never stopped supporting the show. Speaking about how he owes his career to the fans that never gave up on wanting more Daredevil content, Cox says meeting them over the years has been an incredible experience.

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