15 Mitch Hedberg Jokes For The Hall Of Fame

We used to like Mitch’s comedy. We still do, but we used to, too.
15 Mitch Hedberg Jokes For The Hall Of Fame

We tragically lost Mitch Hedberg in 2005, and the world has been missing his unique and memorable one-liners ever since. The long-haired, sunglasses-wearing comic balanced a laid back, effortlessly cool attitude with a sharp wit that few after him have been able to pull off, perhaps as a relic of the early 2000s and a comedic sensibility that has been gone almost as long as him. If Mitch were around today, with a special on Netflix or a poorly managed TikTok account, you bet you'd never hear him talk about the dang “PC police” or “cancel culture;” but Mitch was a special kind of funny that didn't rely on punching in the wrong direction. Mitch didn't want to punch, he just wanted to be silly and barely keep his eyes open on stage - and for that, we love him still.

Here are just a few Mitch Hedberg jokes that need to be shared. 

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