Ever been on a bad date? Yeah, we all have at one point or another. Sitting across from someone who talks too much, talks too little, or talks while having an odd parmesan odor emanating from them. Not their mouth, that would at least make a modicum of sense. The cheesy smell seems to just come from their pores and just overtakes the entire room. Have you ever experienced that? There wouldn’t be a Date #2 afterward. Now imagine that one date became famous.

While parmesan smells cannot be confirmed (or denied), several now-famous people got their start trying to get rent and grocery money by being contestants on dating game shows. Whether they needed a date or not, they really needed the money so why not try their luck at potential television-show-producer-created love? Worst case scenario, they had a bad date and a story to share on a future talk show appearance when they do become famous.

Here’s a list of pre-fame famous people that were on dating shows.

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