13 Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Facts To Satisfy Your Inner Foo

These facts bring out the best of you.
13 Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Facts To Satisfy Your Inner Foo

What is a foo, and why does it need to be fought, anyway? Dave Grohl named the band's first record Foo Fighters after hearing the name in a book about UFOs, and he thought it would make listeners think that a group of people made the album. Oh, if you didn't know: Grohl recorded the first album all by himself. Drums, guitar, vocals, everything. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that he designed the album art and pressed the vinyls himself, either. Grohl has a artistic talents well beyond just being in two massively influential rock bands.

From the endless tours, dozens of albums and now a movie with 2022’s Studio 666, it’s safe to say that Foo Fighters might just be the most ubiquitous band on the planet right now. From unexpected side hustles to encounters with rock royalty, here are the best facts about Dave Grohl and co. to satisfy your inner foo.

Grohl's toddler was taught piano chords from a Beatle.

Paul McCartney gave Dave Grohl's daughter her first piano lesson. CRACKED.COM During a stop for dinner at Grohl's house, the Beatles legend walked Grohl's then five-year-old daughter Harper through some basic piano chords. Grohl said that the pair even wrote a song together.

NME / Daily Beatle 

Nate Mendel was in an indie drama.

Nate Mendel took a stab at acting. CRACKED.COM Bassist Nate Mendel took on a small part in the long-forgotten 2000 indie drama Our Burden is Light, as appropriately, the bassist boyfriend of one of the lead characters.

IMDB / King5 

Taylor Hawkins said that "Aurora" halped him to overcome studio anxiety.

Taylor Hawkins's favorite Foo Fighters song was Aurora. the eutenam CRACKED.COM The late Foo Fighters drummer said that apart from being a great slow jam, the song off of 1999's There is Nothing Left to Lose helped him overcome anxiety getting acquainted with the studio.

NME / NY Times 

Grohl appeared in "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny."

Dave Grohl plays Satan in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. CRACKED.COM Underneath the pounds of prosthetics and makeup for the film's take on the devil is Dave Grohl, who also lends vocals to the song Beezleboss off the film's soundtrack album.

Hauraki / IMDB 

Tom Petty wanted Grohl in his band.

Tom Petty almost stopped Foo Fighters from forming. GRACKED COM Months after Kurt Cobain's death, Grohl filled in on drums for the late rock icon Tom Petty during a performance on Saturday Night Live. Petty offered Grohl a full time spot, but he declined in favor of starting Foo Fighters.

Goliath / NBC 

The first track on their debut album was written on Grohl's honeymoon.

Grohl wrote This Is a Call during his honeymoon. CRACKED.COM The opening track and first single from Foo Fighters' self-titled debut album was written by Grohl in Dublin while he was on his honeymoon with his first wife Jennifer Youngblood.

Kerrang / Buzz Nigeria 

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