Like the time you dated that really hot person for, like, a week, sometimes greatness lasts for a really short time. Also, no, we’re not talking about ourselves and just blatantly projecting, focus. In this Pictofact, we examine 15 of the shortest reigns of power in history. And we had fun with it: Some of them lasted a few days, others a few months, but in each case it all ended way too soon and we were left wondering what we did to deserve getting ghosted. Wait, no, what were we talking about?

Oh yes, history. Yeah, that person’s old history, trust us. They probably think we still care but we don’t even think about them anymore, we don’t know why you even brought them up. Also, how about that British Prime Minister lady, uh? Because of course she’s on this list. Will she be number one? Will we mock her with annoying sarcasm and the heartfelt Schadenfreude of seeing political ghouls fail? Perhaps. You’ll just have to see. And maybe contact us. We don’t mean to brag, but we did date a hot person for, like, two days, you know.

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