34 Lil History Facts For a Lil History Snack

34 Lil History Facts For a Lil History Snack

What do you do when you're between big ol' meals of knowledge and learning, but you're feeling your brain tummy begin to rumble for a little snack? Good news! We're here with a tray full of individually wrapped little snacks of trivia to sate your hungry brain. Did you know that Stalin planned a weird Ocean's Eleven style scheme for Mao's poop when they first met? Or that safety standards basically all but didn't exist during The Manhattan Project? Or what about the real reason why potatoes were banned in the United Kingdom for over 100 freaking years?

All these facts and more are below-- Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it, so obviously it's important to read a bunch of fun lil facts about history while you're sitting on the toilet or waiting in line at the grocery store. Look at you, doing your part now! 

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