15 of the Most Baffling Corpses Ever Discovered

Seriously, there could be a corpse in your wall right now.
15 of the  Most Baffling Corpses Ever Discovered

Death can come for us at any moment, unless you actively bring suffering into the world. In that case you'll live a long life, and people will continuously ask themselves when are you going away just so the rest can start cleaning up the mess. Since death lurks around the corner for everyone else, though, it is no wonder the world is full of undiscovered corpses just waiting to ruin days. Hell, as we will now see, there might even be a corpse in your wall right now! Maybe go take a look, but after reading this Pictofact.

Indeed, we're now taking a look at 15 of the most baffling dead bodies ever discovered. And if discovering a corpse will always be baffling, then you can imagine the sort of nightmare-inducing stuff we're dealing with here. Some of these dead folk were discovered a few days later, some of them thousands of years later. In every case, we truly wonder about their final hours. Did they suffer? How did they get themselves into those death traps? And when the hell is *whatever celebrity businessman chuds are idolizing this week* tripping on a banana peel only to be found a week later?

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