Tell Us Now: The 16 Dumbest Character Deaths

Pour one out for Balrog.
Tell Us Now: The 16 Dumbest Character Deaths

The death of a cherished character is one of the most emotional events in cinema. They are the most intense scenes in most movies, from the death of a guy named Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan to the killing of Bambi's mom. However, not all movie deaths are honorable and respectful. In truth, many fictitious characters die in ludicrous and frequently incomprehensible ways. These deaths leave viewers perplexed and enraged. However, the tendency of killing off key characters persists, and by golly have we all got some strong opinions about those deaths.

We can become utterly engrossed in character and then have our hearts torn when that figure dies in an unforeseen way. We didn't see it coming, whether it was because we weren't anticipating somebody to die or because the death was completely unexpected. There will be spoilers.

Looking for them? Brew up a fresh pot of coffee and scroll on down…

TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS David Dunn GLASS CRACKED Ryan M. says A superhero who has water vulnerabilities.... so he dies facedown in a mud puddle with someone's boot on his neck? Ridiculous.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Bruce Willis THE SIXTH SENSE CRACKED Ken M. says this ...sort-of screen death totally ruined the movie. And we're certain there will be no pushback in the comments.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Balrog LORD OF THE RINGS CRACKED Dan B. hates that this POWERDEMON got taken out by a wannabe Criss Angel: Some poxy grey wizard bumps off a massive, powerful demon SO easily?
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Michael Shannon MAN OF STEEL CRACKED Michael H. expected a somewhat more super death for a super vilain: I always felt Zod's death in Man Of Steel was dumb. They fight for however long smashing up buildings with amazing superpower and in the end Supes just snaps his neck like a common movie fight.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Steven Seagal EXECUTIVE DECISION CRACKED Dennis w. says this was a masterclass in comedic timing: You're sitting there thinking he's going to be one of the stars of the film and he gets blown up before even getting onto the hijacked plane. Was funny as hell.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Zara JURASSIC WORLD CRACKED Mike K. has some questions: I wasn't sure if I was supposed to feel bad for her or laugh. Was there a deleted scene that explains why she 'had' to die such a hilariously horrific death?
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Rose McGowan SCREAM CRACKED Stephen C. still isn't over this sad, embarrassing ordeal: It was such an absurd death that the filmmakers had to staple her sweater to the cat door, because surprisingly, the actress could fit through. From a narrative standpoint, it makes no sense, and death by neck-snap against garage door is one of the most absurd ways I've seen in a horror movie.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Meg Ryan CITY OF ANGELS CRACKED Erica J. can tell the future: I remember being in the theater and saying something like, Watch, now she's going to get hit by a Mack truck and then SMACK.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Slipknot SUICIDE SQUAD CRACKED Robert w. says this nu metal-sounding dud never got a fair shot: Not only is being really good at using climbing gear a lame skillset for a super villain, but his entire purpose in the movie is to get his head blown off.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Will Smith I AM LEGEND CRACKED Travis B. thinks Dr. Neville deserved to enjoy his retirement: He discovered the cure to the disease. He is the only one who knows how to replicate it, if needed. He is literally the most important person alive at this point. So he then decides to sacrifice himself. UGH!
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Kevin Costner MAN OF STEEL CRACKED PJ A. isn't happy with Zack Snyder's teaching style: I get that it was probably meant to teach Clark the lesson of 'you can't save everyone,' but the 1970s Superman movie did it way better.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Brilliant virologist WORLD WAR Z CRACKED Timothy L.wasn't buying this I'm slipping and shooting himself in the head, fairly early, should rank up there somewhere.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Grandma Ruth DANTE'S PEAK CRACKED Josh L. says Grandma died in vain: They're crossing the sulfuric acid river, the boat is falling apart, but will be okay, and the boat is almost at the shore. She jumps out last minute and moves the boat a foot and dies.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Commander Tucker STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE CRACKED Brian B. says it was a lazy death with no deeper purpose beyond shock value: In a series finale full of bad choices, his meaningless and bizarre death felt like the showrunners decided they needed to kill someone off, ran out of time, picked a character at random, and didn't bother to come up with anything to make it important or meaningful.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Padme REVENGE OF THE SITH GRACKED Arnold w. says she's gotta have a stronger motherly instinct than that: C'mon, she lost the will to live??? You mean, having two children isn't a strong enough reason to want to live? It gets even stupider when you harken back to the original trilogy conversation between Luke & Leia where Leia professes to have some memory of her mother.
TELL US NOW: DUMBEST DEATHS Ironhide TRANSFORMERS CRACKED Tim s. says at least Optimus Prime went down swinging: Ironhide died a punk ass death from Megatron. Ok fine, being a van wasn't exactly a cool look, but killing him like this to make way for cooler looking toys was reprehensible. At least let him die heroically.
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