30 Food Trends From The 1980s We Don't Need To Return

30 Food Trends From The 1980s We Don't Need To Return

Nostalgia for the 1980s is hot right now, with shows like Stranger Things out there basically making it their whole thing. You can see where wistful looking back comes from: Cellphones were in their stone age, movies weren't just rehashes of the same old Marvel tropes rinsed and repeated, and television shows actually had catchy intro jingles. Seriously, what happened to television show intro songs? 

But that doesn't mean we want EVERYTHING from the 1980s to return… In fact, most of the popular or novel food trends and more than invited to stay stuck in the past. New Coke, of course, is the biggest example of one of the greatest failures in marketing history… But there were plenty of other bad ideas out there, like pizza flavored snack chips, McDonalds selling spaghetti, and godforsaken Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles puddin' pies “loaded with puddin' power!” 

…Ah, who are we kidding, we're maybe still a little nostalgic for some of these too. 

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