20 Bizarre Facts About El Chapo, Malcolm In The Middle, And The Tiny Arctic T Rex

Billy Idol was almost a Terminator.
20 Bizarre Facts About El Chapo, Malcolm In The Middle, And The Tiny Arctic T Rex

Did you know that Robocop was filmed in Dallas? Even though the movie is set in Detroit, most of it was actually shot in Texas. In fact, the only real shots of Detroit are stock footage from the opening – that's it! And while we're on the subject of beloved sci-fi franchises, it turns out that Billy Idol almost played a Terminator in James Cameron's iconic movie. Can you imagine Billy Idol as a robot assassin? Storyboards for the film even had the T-1000 resembling him. However, Idol got into a serious motorcycle accident before filming and Robert Patrick ended up being cast as the T-1000 instead. Lastly, pivoting from movies to marketing, in 2009 Burger King released a promotional “Windows 7 Whopper” for customers in Japan. The burger contained seven patties and cost 777 Yen. It was available for just seven days after Windows 7 came out - talk about timely marketing! But after 30 customers bought one each day, the price rose to ¥1,450 ($17 USD). 

Amtrak delays are usually caused by freight railroads giving priority to their own trains.

The majority of Amtrak's delays are due to freight railroads giving priority to their own trains over passenger trains. CRACKED.COM Even though this is ex- plicitly against the law, only 1 violator has ever been charged by the De- partment of Justice in the entire 47-year history of Amtrak.

Amtrak / Wikipedia

Ugandan cult members were slaughtered for demanding their money back.

There was a Ugandan doomsday cult whose followers surrendered all their wealth to the church. K ALCO CRACKED.COM After the prophesied date passed, many disgruntled followers demanded their money back. The cult lead- ers responded by massa- cring over 900 of them. The leaders were never caught.

BBC / Wikipedia

“Pinky and the Brain” writers performed malicious compliance by adding a third mouse.

WB executives suggested adding a third character to Pinky And The Brain, so the creators obliged. GRACKED.COM Writers responded with the episode Pinky & The Brain And...Larry which featured a third, superflu- ous mouse named Larry that added nothing to the plot but repeatedly saying I'm Larry.

Uproxx / YouTube

Agent Coulson was only brought back after Iron Man because Sam Jackson couldn’t do Thor.

Agent Coulson was not intended to reappear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe past Iron Man 1. CRACKED.COM It wasn't until a contract dispute with Samuel L. Jackson caused Nick Fu- ry's role in Thor to be dropped, and Clark Gregg was asked to reappear in a larger role.

Slash Film / YouTube

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