20 Tropes 'Rick and Morty' Has Brilliantly Subverted

20 Tropes 'Rick and Morty' Has Brilliantly Subverted

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Wubba lubba du – no, wait, we’re not doing it. We do still love Rick and Morty, though. Ratings have been low, but the sixth season has actually been surprisingly solid, nothing nearly similar to that damn dragon episode (the show’s true low point, and an almost unforgivable offense after having pandered to Elon Musk). And in fact, even if the freshness and actual laughs seem to be gone, the show’s seeming return to form has made us reconsider the way the show treats tropes. In this Pictofact, then, we take a look at the million ways in which a show made-up of riffing on tropes has, erm, riffed on them. // Now, we’ve discussed Rick and Morty a lot here at Cracked: its best moments, its fascinating roots and origins, its Easter-eggs and behind-the-scene facts, and even its weird crossovers and derivatives. Here, however, we focus on the show’s treatment of tropes: how it calls them out, twists them, and ultimately subverts them. Because let’s be honest, this is a big part of the show’s intellectual appeal. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of th — no, you know what, we’re not doing that either. Also, that is still a funny meme. How does Rick and Morty treat tropes, then? Let’s take a look. Shall we, master reader?

Civilization Collapse

The Rickshank tacado 5-75-1 1-141 ايا٣ Tropes subverted by Rick and Morty The civilization-collapsing event Summer and Morty pitch clever but still trope-ish ideas to destroy the Galactic Federation, like making their nukes target each other. Rick, however, brings down the empire by just making one blemflarck worth zero blemflarcks. Look, we're not saying we don't love capitalism, but couldn't we, like, give this a try? CRACKED.COM

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