31 Celebrities Who've Transformed More Than Optimus Prime

31 Celebrities Who've Transformed More Than Optimus Prime

Our appearances go through pretty radical changes over the course of our lives-- Maybe we put on or lose some weight, get a much more flattering new haircut, or just realize the clothes we've been wearing for the last handful of years have gone woefully out of style. Even celebrities, people who are usually notable for being hot, can go from ugly (or at least less hot) ducklings into beautiful swans over the course of a couple of years. 

Below is a big list of famous people who used to look, well, a little different-- but like Optimus Prime going from a cool truck into a cooler giant robot guy that hangs out with Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox-- they've transformed into the people that we're familiar with today. Though shedding some pounds and getting a haircut is maybe a little less radical of a change than how complicated those Transformers toys could get. Did anyone else have trouble with those? Just me?

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