16 Celebrities As (Probably) Never Seen Before

Yes, you've seen them countless times -- but have you seen them like this?
16 Celebrities As (Probably) Never Seen Before

You think you know celebrities. They're celebrities, after all -- their whole deal is that you know who they are and what they do. For the vast majority of them, their main currency is their face and their look. Sure, most of them have to back up their appearance with talent, but it is partially thanks to their glamorous headshot that they got whatever auditions they could get.

Yet, you've probably never seen these photos. That is, unless you happen to be a serious fan (or a stalker, and in that case we have more serious problems than this introduction not applying to you specifically). This series of photographs prove that certain celebrities were at one point young and hot, young and awkward, or young and wearing an egg costume.

Now, we're not clear on whether these celebs would want these pics to be widely seen -- so just in case, we're running them anyway.

Do you know how long DAVID ATTENBOROUGH has been telling you about Nature? We'll tell you how long- it's been a goddamn long time.

Source: BBC

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