18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Hulu in September

Go back to school with this knowledge about movies and shows.
18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Hulu in September

September is really when “back to school” hits you. Sure, many people start classes in August, but it’s not until after Labor Day until you fully realize the Summer is over and the season of learning has truly began. It can be hard for a student of any age (or the parent of a student of any age) to deal with the juggling of school and life. However, Hulu is there for you.

When you want a break from homework, Hulu is there. When you are sick and cannot go to class, Hulu is there. If you and your child just want to not talk about work or school because God forbid you have a break from either one of those entities from your thoughts for a single day, Hulu is there as a conversation piece. Let Hulu help you this September.

Here are some fun facts about what’s coming to Hulu this month.


September on hulu September 1 Multiplicity Harold Ramis wrote nearly half the script, but being the director, guild rules prevented him from getting a writing credit because it was actually less than half. CRACKED.COM


Lost in Space

September on hulu September 1 Lost in Space The first robot in the film weighed two tons and required eight people to operate. CRACKED.COM


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