15 Now-You-Know Facts That Fed Our Meters

Hormel sued The Muppets over a pig character named “Spa’am.”
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Fed Our Meters

I enjoy this list of interesting facts a great deal more than I expected to. As an author, it is thrilling to see the idea for my own book, “Stupendous Facts To Entertain Our Brains,” which will be released in 2018, in this list. My book will include many of these facts as well, but in far greater detail. It will have over 2,000 pages and is bound in gold-plated leather with matching gold embossing. The book will not only entertain the brain, but also the heart, soul, and the eyes. It will feature a custom, gold-plated pen that makes your hand look as if you're wearing an expensive wristwatch. It is truly magnificent. There will also be a smaller version of this book called, “Stupendous Facts For Your Next Dinner Party.” This smaller version will feature over 800 of the most interesting facts in the first edition. It will be printed on quality parchment and bound in linen cloth with gold trim.

The oldest university still in operation was founded in 859 AD.

The world's oldest university still in operation was created 1,160 years ago. GRACKED.COM The University of Al Quar- aouiyine in Morocco, founded by Muslim woman Fatima al-Fihri in 859 A.D., and became one of the leading spiritual and edu- cational centers of the Is- lamic Golden Age.


Dairy farmers in San Francisco sued to get almond milk relabelled as “Nut Juice.”

Dairy farmers in San Francisco sued to get almond milk relabelled as Nut Juice. CRACKED.COM The Federal District Court dismissed the suit, in 2013, as No reasonable consumer would mistake a product like soy milk or almond milk with dairy milk from a cow.

NY Times

The top 0.06% are winning 70% of elite distance running races.

70% of elite distance running races have been won by Kenyans. MOROCCO OTDK Selmoun A Berlin 1 S 15 A and K BTDIC KNN Kipsin TDK Amp PD Spless Chepko 16 merier STRIORIA BTDK Bekele 4 и GRACKED.COM Specifically, Ken- yans from the Kalenjin communi- ty, who make up just 0.06% of the world's population.

MG Africa

20% of autopsies in Iceland in the 1880s revealed tapeworms.

The Icelandic city of Reykjavik had a ban on keeping dogs as pets for decades. CRACKED COM In the 1880s, 20% percent of autopsies performed in Iceland revealed echino- coccosis, a type of tape- worm that can be passed from dogs to humans, causing blindness and se- vere complications.


We are not allergic to animal fur, but the stuff in the fur.

Pet allergies are not caused by the animal's fur. CRACKED.COM Pet allergies are caused by an allergic reaction to the animal's saliva. The allergens come from sali- va, urine, and dander, which then attach to the fur.


Northern Quebec Inuit are a genetically distinct people.

Inuit from northern Quebec are genetically distinct from any present-day population in the world. CRACKED.COM Researchers compared the genetic profile of 170 Nunavik Inuit with ev- eryone possible from Asians, Africans, and Eu- ropeans to North and South Americans.


The Expert Wizard Amendment was easier to pass than any climate bill.

A law was passed that required psychiatrists and psychologists to dress up as wizards in court proceedings. GRACKED.COM The 'Expert Wizard Amendment' in New Mexi- со (1995) was revealed to be satire before the vote, yet passed the New Mexico Senate unanimously. It was not signed into law.


A 1755 earthquake killed churchgoers but spared the brothels in Lisbon.

An earthquake profoundly shook the belief in a merciful God and the power of the church across Europe. CRACKED.COM In 1755, a massive earth- quake hit Lisbon, Portugal on a major Catholic holi- day, destroying the city's churches while sparing its brothels. Tens of thou- sands of worshipers were killed.

Scientific American

The Liberty Bell spells Pennsylvania with only one N.

Pennsylvania is spelled 'Pensylvania' on the Liberty Bell. PROCE PHOLADA BY ORDER OF PASS AND STOW BHYLADO TO OCLIBI GRAGKED.COM This spelling was one of several acceptable spell- ings of the name at that time. The spelling also ар- pears on the US Constitu- tion, as well as the double N version we are used to.


A cricket match in 1939 latest 12 days and resulted in a draw.

The longest Cricket Test match was played over 12 days. CRACKED.COM The game was between England and South Africa in Durban in 1939. It was eventually abandoned, otherwise, the England team would have missed the boat back home.

ESPN Cric Info

“Psycho” popularized standard movie showtimes.

Having standard showtimes for films was not common until 1960. CRACKED.COM Previously most films would just play on a loop, and people could enter at any time. Hitchcock's Psy- cho required that people watch from the beginning to the end and made show- times more standard.


Hormel sued The Muppets over a pig character named “Spa’am.”

The creators of Spam sued Jim Henson Productions for using the name Spa'am. CRACKED.COM The judge dismissed the suit for failure to prove damages from the pig character in Muppet Treasure Island, noting, one might think Hormel would welcome the association with a genuine source of pork.

NY Times

Women during the 17th century showed off their boobs but hid their ankles.

During the 17th century, women's fashions with exposed breasts were common in society. CRACKED.COM Queens to common prostitutes particiapt- ed, and it emulated by all classes. An exposed ankle however was considered to be more risqué.


Escape rooms in Poland didn’t need fire safety inspections.

In January 2019, 5 teenagers died after a fire in an escape room in Poland. CRACKED.COM Poland's interior minister then ordered fire safety in- spections at more than 1,000 escape room loca- tions across the country, which previously did not officially require them.

The Guardian 

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