15 Facts That Powerbombed Us From The Top Rope

Dr. Seuss wore many hats… literally, he had a closet full of hundreds of hats.
15 Facts That Powerbombed Us From The Top Rope

In this collection of stories you'll find a strange fact here, a bizarre observation there, and a shocking revelation somewhere else. But enjoy this list of interesting facts at your own peril, for we're not sure what else to call it. It's certainly not an attempt at comedy, but then again we're not sure it's supposed to be funny either. We've been asked to tell these stories, but we've never been told how to tell them. Perhaps we're just a bunch of lunatics that have gathered here to read these oddities and then talk about them afterwards in our own way. But who knows? Maybe you'll be entertained by them. Maybe you'll feel compelled to share your own oddities with us. Maybe you'll just sit here and ponder the mysteries of existence as you wonder if all these things are actually true. Enjoy yourself, and maybe we'll see you on the other side.

The US Army got all worried about a special Canadian quarter.

US Army contractors thought a Canadian remembrance coin contained nanotechnology. CANAD 200 D-G-REGINA ELIZABETH TT CRACKED.COM The Defense Department issued an espionage warn- ing regarding the 25-cent coin because they thought the red poppy was anom- alous and filled with something man made that looked like nano tech.

The Star

Special coordinators can be hired for films to help keep sex scenes safe.

Movies can hire an Intimacy Coordinator for sex scenes. CRACKED.COM They are hired so that the scenes could remain safe, fol- low rules, and oversee to avoid potential issues. They also teach directors and ac- tors how to run a rehearsal by sculpting the physical ac- tions using plain words.

Huffington Post

Alan Rickman knew Snape’s fate before the film directors.

J.K. Rowling told Alan Rickman the end to Snape's story arc before he ever appeared on camera. CRACKED.COM As a result, he often ar- gued with directors about knowing something that they didn't. Rickman used this knowledge to subtly inject affectations that would point to his hidden motives.

Huffington Post

Barqs root beer sent USSR memorabilia with a proof of purchase.

In 1992, Barqs root beer ran a promotion giving away USSR memorabilia. CRACKED.COM Matryoshka dolls, Lenin Day pins, tank commander watches and military medals were available with proof of purchase, as a 'Communism is going out of business sale. Sales jumped 30%.

Chief Marketer

Color blind people have better night vision.

The US Army discovered that color blind people are better at spotting camouflaged enemies. CRACKED.COM Color blind people tend to have better night vision and can sometimes see luminosi- ty of colors that nor- mal-sighted people can't. This gives them the unique ability to see hidden ene- mies better at night.


A passenger train in the 19th century made passengers push it.

A 19th-century passenger railway asked its passengers to get out and push the car over hills. CRACKED.COM The aptly named Get Out and Push Railroad connected Wilmington with Long Beach, California. The vehicle broke its wooden rails on the first day of service, forcing male passengers to push it, secur- ing its nickname.


A racist Monopoly clone was released where players compete against other races.

A board game released called Blacks & Whites was basically a racist Monopoly. EHALL 0t COMPANY ELECTRIC £150 ٢٩٨٨ MALL PALL CRACKED.COM The game explores issues of racial inequality by treating players differently based on the race in which they play, demonstrating how the odds were stacked against some races in com- parison to others.

Board Game Geek

Dr. Seuss had a closet full of hats that he entered when he had trouble writing.

Dr. Seuss and his editor had a closet full of hats to use when struck with writer's block. CRACKED.COM Seuss and his editor would go into this closet, filled with hundreds of hats, and wear them until the words came. We're sure that's what Seuss told his wife, anyway.

Collectors Weekly

A digital camera was developed in the 1970s.

Kodak developed a digital camera in 1975 that recorded a photograph onto a cassette. LUMIX 9 g- - GRACKED.COM To view the filmless photo you had to remove the cas- sette from the camera and place it in a customized reader that could display the image on an old black and white television.

NY Times

President McKinley campaigned from his front porch.

William McKinley campaigned in the 1896 U.S. election from the front porch of his home in Ohio. CRACKED.COM McKinley made himself available to the public ev- ery day except Sunday, and won the election de- spite the fact that his ор- ponent traveled extensive- ly by railway speaking at over 600 events.

RB Hayes

The engine room of a battleship was flooded to try and stop it from tipping, killing all the men inside.

300 men died at their stations when the battleship Yamato was intentionally flooded by their captain. CRACKED.COM The Japanese ship was list- ing severely in the water during a suicide mission, being bombarded by Al- lied bombers, and the cap- tain made the difficult de- cision to flood the engine room to try and correct it.

National Interest

Teddy Roosevelt staged boxing matches in the White House.

President Teddy Roosevelt's eyesight was damaged by his military aide. CRACKED.COM Roosevelt regularly staged boxing matches in the White House, taking on anyone he could - including profession- al boxers. Не only stopped boxing after sustaining per- manent damage from Colo- nel Daniel т. Moore.


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