Monty Python: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts

Monty Python: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts

How many times have you found yourself thinking “there are just some things in life that you enjoy , you just can't figure out why you find them so interesting” and “there are so many interesting things in life, surely I should have found a way to enjoy this list of interesting facts by now”? I hope that this list is the thing that helps you find the answer to these questions. These facts are presented as a list of humorous oddities and curiosities. Some are not well-known. All are fascinating to me, and hopefully, all will be fascinating to you too. If you enjoy this list of interesting facts then please share it with others. My first thought was “Wow! How cool are these!” But then I thought “Wait, where is the first number?” I don't have time to search for it because I'm supposed to be working right now. Maybe later.

I Get By With A Little Help From My (Famous) Friends

I Get By With A Little Help From My (Famous) Friends Musicians and Monty Python go together like peanut butter and dog treats (never let them know your next move). Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin footed the bill for much of The Holy Grail and Beat- les member George Harrison gave the troupe money to make Life of Brian. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Universal Fame

Universal Fame Two Czech astronomers discovered an asteroid in 1997 and named it 13681 Monty Python to honor the group. I'm not giving up on comedy until I get an asteroid. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Dead Parrot Is A Recycled Sketch

Dead Parrot Is A Recycled Sketch One of the more popular sketches from Flying Circus, the bit was ac- tually nearly recycled from a TV special created by Cleese and Chapman called How to Imitate People. Replace the bird with a car, and the bird salesmen with a car salesman and they're essen- tially the same. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


ABC VS Monty Python

ABC VS Monty Python In 1975 Flying Circus started showing on American channel ABC. The Ру- thon's were upset to find that large chunks of the show were being cut out for advertising, or because they were deemed too inappropriate. The end re- sult was a show that was drastically less funny, so the troupe sued ABC, showing clips from both the American and Brit- ish versions. The Python's, and comedi- ans everywhere, won that case. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The LumberJack Song Was Written In How Long?

The LumberJack Song Was Written In How Long? Perhaps the most famous Python song, The Lumber- jack Song was written in just 15 minutes start to finish. The group wrote the song in an attempt to push off fin- ishing the barbershop sketch that preceded it. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Free Music Is The Best Music

Free Music Is The Best Music DEE JUN. 201900 MARGH. THE LIBERTY un and BELL The famous intro theme to Flying Circus, entitled The Liberty Bell by John Philip Sousa, was chosen solely be- cause the recording was free. How did these guys have no money? Was this back when Oxford tuition was 9 dollars? CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


They Were Academic Geniuses

They Were Academic Geniuses If you talk to someone about Monty Ру- thon chances are they will bring up Hey, did you know they all met at pres- tigious English universities? That doesn't make it any less impressive. Jones and Palin met at Oxford, Cleese and Chapman met at Cambridge, a few years prior to Idle attending the school. This goes to show that comedians are just smart people who don't take any- thing seriously. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The Show’s Absurdity Was Out Of Necessity

The Show's Absurdity Was Out Of Necessity The Troupe's specific style of ab- surdism was not just a tool for come- dy, it was a tool for survival. The Ру- thon's would often write sketches ending with no real conclusion. Fourth Wall breaking and strange non-sequiturs were often used when the members did not know how to end a sketch and absurdity was bet- ter than a flat punchline. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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