20 Heart-Breaking Facts About 'Forrest Gump'

After all this time, Forrest keeps running.
20 Heart-Breaking Facts About 'Forrest Gump'

In 1994, one movie would change it all. One movie truly challenged us to search our soul and see history with fresh eyes – ours, and that of our country. That movie was Pauly Shore’s masterpiece, In The Army Now. And Clifford. And the exciting conclusion to the House Party saga, House Party 3. And the blockbuster Charlie Sheen vehicle Terminal Velocity, which is a masterpiece. Oh yeah, and Forrest Gump also came out, that movie was cool too. Did you know they put Tom Hanks with Kennedy and Lennon with, like, green screens and CGI? Yeah, of course you knew that. How about the stuff you didn’t know or have forgotten, though?

We’ve discussed Forrest Gump here at Cracked, particularly focusing on its, erm, messier and racist-er sides. But the movie is quite a technical and narrative achievement, and as such, we thought it might be fascinating to check out some facts about its production, its filming, its creative minds, and its legacy. And no, by “legacy” we don’t mean the fact that Eric Roth practically plagiarized himself by rewriting Forrest Gump as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — do not even get us started on that. And don’t even get us started on the fact there have been more House Party movies after the third one. You know what? Forrest Gump is fun awesomeness, let’s just see 20 facts about it.

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