20 Weird Early Drafts for Movies (That Would’ve Changed Everything)

20 Weird Early Drafts for Movies (That Would’ve Changed Everything)

First drafts are a difficult nut to crack. For example, the first draft for this intro had one brilliant idea: to have the word “nut” in it. That just makes us giggle. But that first intro draft also dealt with how difficult it is to write first draft intros for Pictofacts articles, and the entire concept just felt too clunky. Sure, the word “nut” is a comedy gold, we could add a 69 here or there and rest assured we had appeased the Comedy Gods for the day, but the concept didn’t work. A first draft intro about first drafts intros? Come on, that would never work – unless it did and it was a brilliant piece of writing.

In this Pictofact, we examine 20 weird first drafts for movies that could have changed everything. Some of them could have changed everything for the better, like this Alien 3 wooden-monastery-floating-in-space idea thingie that we just can’t get out of our minds. Seriously, a religious horror thriller in space? With an action scene set in a library shaft as monks try to climb up and the Xenomorph chases them? The world wasn’t ready. Most other early drafts, however, are just weird in a bad way. You’ll see. Following a Cracked tradition, then, we here give you “69 Times The Word ‘Nut’ Made Us Laugh While Visiting Grandma At The Elder Home.” Well, not right now, we’re still writing that one, so here, whatever, oh crap, we really have to fix this first draft.

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