27 Television Pilots That Saw Significant Changes Before Air

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were these shows!
27 Television Pilots That Saw Significant Changes Before Air

Television pilots serve an interesting dual role in their path to becoming a series: They're both the first episode of a new show, as well as an effort to sell the premise to a potential network. As shows figure themselves out over the course of this process, they tend to see a handful of changes over time. Sometimes, in the cases of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or The PowerPuff Girls, the original pilot was made with a much more mature demographic in mind-- and eventually have to be drastically reworked to fit their respective homes on The CW and Cartoon Network. 

It's not always so extreme, but still have a series of hurdles to jump over and growing pains to navigate past-- Sometimes a casting change needs to be made, or a character that's redundant or otherwise not working and simply vanishes in between the first and second episodes of the show. Here are some of the most notable changes from pilot to finished series. 

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