15 Pilots That Were Wildly Different from the Rest of the Show

15 Pilots That Were Wildly Different from the Rest of the Show

Before they can walk, TV shows must sometimes learn to crawl. And that’s exactly what pilots are – stories attempting to crawl out of the dark black of oblivion, to be born as a full-blown show that will make some big company (and some pretty faces) hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars. But the process is costly and messy and takes a while, and things get screwed up, stuff goes wrong, and some pilots need to be re-shot entirely -- if they even manage it to make it to your screen! If the pilot does come to air, expect it to be so radically different from the rest of the ensuing television show, it’s like a non-canon fan fiction -- but always very horrible.

So here is some early weirdness from your favorite shows. Don't be too judgmental of their awkwardness and their growing pains, please. Everyone goes through that.

South Park

PILOTS THAT WERE WILDLY DIFFERENT SOUTH PARK THE OF CHRISTMAS OM'S RHIN South Park's pilot: Way more musical, and designed to be the world's weirdest Christmas Card. CRACKED.COM

Source: YouTube

Ancient Aliens

PILOTS THAT WERE WILDLY DIFFERENT ANCIENTALIENS The show started as a documentary that did not held aliens responsible for the color green or the salt in the ocean, but dealt with the concept in an almost rational way. Then the hair got added in, and it all went to crap. CRACKED.COM

Source: Amazon


PILOTS THAT WERE WILDLY DIFFERENT SUCCESSION The first episode features Kiernan Culkin's Roman having a child and a committed partner, both of which have vanished by the next episode, when he's jacking off onto a skyscraper window, staring down at all the little people below. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

The Amazing World of Gumball

PILOTS THAT WERE WILDLY DIFFERENT THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL The early reel features Gumball, Darwin, and a bunch of other characters in incredibly odd designs, and it just looks weirder. CRACKED.COM

Source: Gumball Wiki

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