15 Post-Wrestling Careers Of Pro Wrestlers

15 Post-Wrestling Careers Of Pro Wrestlers

Whether you’re a fan or not, most people know professional wrestling is a taxing profession. Aside from the physical stress being put on the body from being tossed onto the ground every night and keeping in decent physical condition, it is compounded by constant touring and lack of financial stability, even for the most successful grapplers.

There comes a time when any wrestler hangs up their tights and puts their boots away in the closet for good. The lucky ones have a nest egg from their lucrative career that they can live off of for the rest of their days. Even fewer are able to jump into a regular acting career. Others? Not so much. So what do they do when their time in the ring is done?

While there are several stories about wrestlers post-retirement, both good and bad, there are others that have achieved an interesting second life in other professions. Here are some of the more interesting second careers of some of our favorite retired pro wrestlers.

Spike Dudley

Post-Wrestling Careers Leave your financial future in the hands of Spike Dudley. The runt of the Dudley family used to take the hardest falls, but now makes the most solid portfolios. He's a financial planner at MassMutual. CRACKED.COM

Source: WWE

Scotty 2 Hotty

Post-Wrestling Careers Scotty 2 Hotty cooled off as a firefighter. The hip-hop wrestler and Master of The Worm became a firefighter and EMT in Florida. While he considers himself retired, he pops up to some independent show every now and then. CRACKED.COM

Source: TMZ


Post-Wrestling Careers Mideon is a successful caterer and chef. After running around as a pig farmer and the Undertaker's minion, Dennis Knight went from the squared circle to the kitchen. Не became a high class caterer with his own business after learning under professional chefs. Café Pore CRACKED.COM

Source: WWE


Post-Wrestling Careers Ivory will take care of your pup. The former star of GLOW and WWF Women's Champion runs her own doggy day care and grooming service. CRACKED.COM

Source: WWE

Jimmy Garvin

Post-Wrestling Careers Jimmy Garvin went from Freebird to full pilot. Upon retiring at age 40, the WWE Hall of Famer got his flight certification and worked as a commercial pilot. CRACKED.COM

Source: TheSporster

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