20 Unobtrusive Trivia Tidbits That Can Fit In Our Pocket

P.T. Barnum was a genius at fleecing people.
20 Unobtrusive Trivia Tidbits That Can Fit In Our Pocket

As far as I can tell, there are two reasons why people enjoy this list of interesting facts. The first reason is that they have heard the stories behind most of the facts on the list, but they enjoy learning those stories. Like many things, people enjoy learning things. And many things are fun to learn. That's why I like fun facts so much. People are fun to learn about, and facts are fun to learn, and you should try learning both at the same time. The second reason is that they can read about other people's mistakes without making those same mistakes themselves. If you've ever been embarrassed by something you've written in your journal, you might know what I mean. You can laugh at people's mistakes without making the same mistake yourself. This list of strange and wonderful facts is enjoyable to read because it combines the two reasons. 

The Shaggy actor screamed in his car to get ready for his audition.

Matthew Lillard screamed himself hoarse to audition for Shaggy. Lillard originally screamed in his car before his audi- tion at Warner Bros in Los Angeles, until his voice went hoarse and scratchy to achieve the proper af- fect for Shaggy in Scooby Doo. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The A.V. Club

Same-sex identical twins live the longest compared to the general population.

Identical twins live longer. On an average, identi- cal same-sex twins live longer than fraternal same-sex twins, who in turn live longer than the general popula- tion. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Every Day Health

Quitting cold turkey is actually the best way to stop smoking.

Quitting smoking by going cold turkey is actually better than gradually cutting back. Smokers who used the cold-turkey method to quit were almost twice as likely to abstain for a month or more in their at- tempt than those using the cut-down method. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Nokia was not too worried about Microsoft unveiling Android for the first time.

When Android was unveiled in 2007, Nokia said, We don't see this as a threat. NOKIA 16:52 A member of Micro- soft's Windows Мо- bile team stated, I don't understand the impact that they are going to have. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A quarry looked so inviting thanks to the artificial blue color of its water that they had to dye it black.

A dumping site had to dye their water black because the blue color was too tempting for some people. Black dye was dumped into the Blue Lagoon lake of Buxton in England for safety reasons. The previous tur- quoise water was so inviting that even the signs to keep people out did not keep swimmers out. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Tarantino almost made ‘Casino Royale.’

Quentin Tarantino was offered to direct'Casino Royale.' Tarantino would have set the film in the 60's, fol- lowing the original 1953 novel, made it in black and white, and retained Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


An NHL goalie talked about Nelson Mandela like he was a fellow player.

A hockey goalie was asked about Nelson Mandela and thought he was a fellow hockey player. After Nelson Mandela's death, NHL goalie Jona- than Bernier gave a TV in- terview in which he re- ferred to Mandela as 'one of the most-known ath- letes' and 'a great guy off and on the ice'. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Global News

The longest kill shot in the military could have been affected by the shooters heartbeat.

The longest kill shot in military history is claimed by an unnamed Canadian soldier. The soldier, from Joint Task Force 2 (JFT2), hit the target from 3,450 meters. His heart- beat could have made him miss his target. Canadian sol- diers currently claim three of the top five longest con- firmed shots recorded. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Global News

Tens of thousands of convictions were overturned because a chemist mishandled samples.

A crime lab chemist in MA intentionally mishandled thousands of samples. Annie Dookhan was driven by a compulsion to over- achieve, even if it meant making things up or cut- ting corners. As a result, only 320 convictions from a total of 21,907 were not thrown out. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NBC News

The ancient Egyptians were funny.

Ancient Egyptians were notorious for their subversive political humor. NATURAL The Romans banned Egyptian advocates from the law because all of their jokes dis- rupted the sanctity of the courts. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A 170 year old ship lost at sea was found near and island named after it.

An Inuit island is named after a lost ship that ended up crashing there. The HMS Erebus, part of the mid-19th-century Franklin Expedition which was lost for nearly 170 years, was found in 2014 near an island which in the Inuit language means The big boat sank here. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Mac from “It’s Always Sunny” was raised by a gay couple.

Rob McElhenney from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was raised by a lesbian couple. McElhenney plays the for- merly homophobic and now out-of-the-closet (and ripped) homosexual charac- ter, Mac. The show has used gay marriage to illustrate America's hipocracy re- garding marriage equality. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

On Top Mag

Sonar was picking up the swim bladders of lanternfish in the early days.

When sonar was first invented, operators saw a false seafloor that changed depth with the time of day. It was eventually identified to be a previously un- known layer of billions of lanternfish. Sonar reflects off the lanternfish swim bladders, giving the ар- pearance of a false bottom to the seafloor. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Te Ara

The motel where MLK Jr. was assassinated was converted to a Civil Rights museum.

The motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated is now the National Civil Rights Museum. In 1991, the National Civil Rights Museum was estab- lished in the converted Lor- raine Motel, one of the few black establishments, and one of the only hotels provid- ing accommodations to Afri- can Americans at the end of WWII. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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