Nope’s latest trailer melted our brains, and in a good way, not like, erm, the news. In fact, the trailer just proved what we already knew: that Jordan Peele is not only hilarious, he’s actually a genius of contemporary horror cinema. Furthermore, even though we thought Us was not nearly as good as Get Out, Peele has also proven that even his lesser movies are at the top of the current genre. And don’t get us wrong: we’re not hating here. On the contrary, our entire point is that his “lesser” movie was still mind-boggingly awesome. Peele has easily shown he’s another Cronenberg or Haneke or Aster, that is, a reliable horror creator who will “disappoint” as reheated pizza or uninspired handjobs disappoint: in the best possible way.

In this Pictofact, then, we provide 20 awesome facts about pizza and handj – no, wait. Jordan Peele, okay, yes. Deservedly, we’ve shown a lot of interest in Peele’s movies here at Cracked. In this Pictofact, however, we turn our attention to other imensions of his past and current work, his upbringing and education, and even his cinematic tastes. You will not be surprised to learn that the latter are awesome. Dudes loves The Birds, Scream, and even a horror movie we totally forgot existed until just this second: Kenneth Branagh’s Dead Again. What the hell is Dead Again? It has a serious performance by Robin Williams? It features '90s icon Wayne Knight? Seriously, why the hell haven’t we seen Dead Again? Alright, we have some serious, old-school horror-fan binging to do. Take it away, Pictofact…


Jordan Peele Не started out as a puppeteer. Peele studied Puppetry at Sarah Lawrence College, which allowed him to see his own body as a puppet (great for comedy) and was a possible outlet to combine visual aesthetic and theatrical performance (great for directing). CRACKED.COM

Source: Time

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A Film Student

Jordan Peele Не started studying film at age 12. His mom would take him to see films like E.T., Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice, and then she would ask him questions about his experience of those movies. Peele adds, I sort of figured out that the people responsible for my favorite films were the directors. CRACKED.COM

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