Sketch comedy on television is actually pretty weird, if you think about it for a second. Little comedic scenarios, frequently topical to the goings on in the world at large, written and produced in a little less than a week, and performed on television-- live or otherwise? It's no wonder shows like Saturday Night Live are considered messy at best… That's an insane feat to expect anyone to pull off, and what's amazing as that any of these silly little “skits” (don't tell anyone we called them that) ever manage to become bona-fide classics. But here we are! 

Here are some of our favorite facts about two juggernauts of the television sketch comedy world-- even if one if still kicking and the other isn't here in 2022. Were you an SNL kid, or did you find it's zanier, less live cousin more appealing? …Or were you more of a Kids in the Hall person? That's probably the right answer. 


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