25 Clippings From Headlines All Over The World

Tampax is blaming a commercial starring Amy Schumer for the tampon shortage.
25 Clippings From Headlines All Over The World

Have you ever had a strange and vivid dream? A dream that seemed like it might have happened in the past, or in some distant land? And if you enjoy this list of interesting facts, you may also enjoy the dream-like list that follows.This list is more than just an odd fact about some obscure topic. It is meant to be read and reread, studied and puzzled over. It is intended to be used as a starting point for discussion and debate. I think we can all agree that our world is stranger, more bizarre, and more baffling than we can possibly imagine. We may disagree about exactly how strange and bizarre our world really is, but we must admit that there are strange and bizarre things in our world, right now, as we speak.Perhaps some of you have heard about this list of interesting facts before. But I hope you will indulge me as I go on at length.

Josh “The Two Time” Vinson Jr. defends his title as the ultimate Josh.

The 'Josh Fight' celebrates its second battle, and last year's toddler victor retains his title (for now). GRACKED.COM Last year's brawl took place af- ter Josh Swain from Tucson, Ari- zona, sent out a tweet challeng- ing anyone who shared his name to fight over it. The pool-noodle tussle took place again and 5-year-old Josh Vinson Jr. stood victorious once more.

AP News

The UK's first city mayor to declare a climate crisis has been questioned for flying nine hours.

A UK mayor flew 9 hours to attend a conference to urge leaders to cut CO2. CRACKED.COM Marvin Rees was the first mayor in the UK to declare a climate crisis, but his actions seem deeply at odds with his message.


Hot air balloon crashes into train, 3 injured.

A hot air balloon crashed into a train in Wisconsin. CRACKED.COM Witnesses said the balloon was in distress before the crash. One witness said the balloon bounced off a build- ing and the train hit it. The three balloon passengers were treated for their injuries and are recovering at home.

AP News

Happy the elephant isn't a person, top New York court rules.

A New York court has ruled that Happy the elephant does not meet the definition of a person. CRACKED.COM The 5-2 decision by the state Court of Appeals means Happy will not be released through a habeas corpus proceeding, which is a way for people to chal- lenge illegal confinement.

AP News

Man arrested after starting fire at Satanic Temple in Salem.

A man wearing a shirt that said GOD was arrested for starting a fire at a Satanic Temple. CRACKED.COM The man, 42 year-old Daniel Damien Lucey, had poured an ac- celerant and lit the fire on the Sa- lem temple's property, and then came back after authorities ar- rived to watch. His image, taken from the doorbell camera, was used to arrest him at the scene.


Single beaver caused mass internet, cell service outages in Northern B.C.

A beaver is the cause of a massive internet and call service outage in Canada. CRACKED.COM The beaver gnawed its way through an aspen tree which then fell on both BC Hydro lines and a Telus fiber-optic ca- ble line strung along BC Hydro poles. It's unusual, but it does happen every once in a while, an official said.

CTV News

Ohio governor signs bill allowing armed school employees.

Ohio school districts could begin arming employees as soon as this fall. LONDON HIGH SCHO LONDON HOT SCHOOL STUDENT ANTIL CRACKED COM The law, as enacted, requires up to 24 hours of training before an employee can go armed, and up to eight hours of annual training. Several Democratic Ohio mayors criticized the failure of Republi- can lawmakers to consider any gun control proposals.

AP News

Winter-like scene develops in Germany, despite temps in the 70s.

Despite summer temperatures, Germany was buried under several feet of ice. GRAGKED.COM An intense hail storm battered the town of Weiler-Simmerberg, covering the area in a winter-like scene. Tractors were brought out to plow the hailstones, which were part of thunderstorms that dropped stones the size of soft balls from France to Austria.


Sriracha hot sauce maker warns of shortage.

Huy Fong Inc. told its customers to expect sriracha hot sauce shortages this summer. SRIRACHA HOT CHILI SAUCE TUONG OS CRACKED.COM The company sources its peppers from various farms in California, New Mexico and Mexico, and said that weather conditions are af- fecting the quality of the peppers and deepening the chili pepper shortage.

AP News

Hundreds of Cockroaches Released During Hearing At New York Court.

Hundreds of cockroaches were released during an altercation at a courthouse. CRACKED.COM What transpired is not ad- vocacy or activism, it is criminal behavior with the intent to disrupt a pro- ceeding and cause dam- age, read a statement from the Office of Court Administration.


2 people rescued after falling in chocolate tank at Pennsylvania Mars facility.

Two M&M factory workers fell into a tank of chocolate and became trapped. m m m m m grink أل J W m m ga 50 m got W m m bee Ш 1 I CRACKED.COM DE It remains unclear how the workers ended up in the waist-high chocolate, although if we were to guess it would be that they obviously fell in while trying to slurp up the melty confection through cartoonish- ly large drinking straws.


Cyclist on California mountains chased down by angry zebra.

An unattended zebra is menacing cyclists... in California. CRACKED COM 48-year-old bike rider Marcos Chavez says that the zebra took off to chase him after he was spotted, but tripped over himself after three steps and fell.

SF Gate

Florida toddler in diaper walks pit bull alone; mom charged with neglect.

A toddler was found walking the family pit bull alone in the rain, with a full diapie. CRACKED.COM Authorities said it was not the first time the 18-month-old boy was found walking the family pet unat- tended. The 37-year-old Florida mother was arrested for child neglect.


India set to export 192 metric tonnes of cow dung to Kuwait.

India is exporting 192 metric tonnes of cow dung to Kuwait. CRACKED.COM Dr Gupta of Sunrise Organic Park said, Many countries have started using organic ma- nure made from COW dung in abundance. Due to not having enough COW dung available with them, they have started importing organic manure.

ETV Bharat

Don’t ‘pick up any folded money’: The bill could be deadly, Tennessee sheriff warns.

A sheriff in Tennessee warns not to pick up folded money, as it could be deadly. GRAGKED.COM In two recent incidents, a fold- ed dollar bill was found on the floor at a gas station covered in methamphetamine and fen- tanyl. Even a very small amount of fentanyl - far small- er than the size of a penny - is enough to kill anyone.

Penn Live

Woman sets record swimming 26.22 miles in a mermaid fin.

A woman swam 26.22 miles in a mermaid fin. CRACKED.COM Merle Liivand is known as Eco Mermaid, and broke a Guinness World Record by completing the swim using just a silicone mono- fin to propel herself. She also collected any garbage she saw along the way.


Vt. State Police roll out plan to answer calls for help.

Vermont State Police are trying a new 9-1-1 strategy: actually answering the calls. SOUTH VERMONT 30 CRACKED.COM When you dial 911, your call is received at one of six public safety answering points and is patched through to a local department. To lighten the workload, police will use a central database for check- ing records.


Tampax manufacturer links increased demand to Amy Schumer commercial.

Tampax is blaming a commercial starring Amy Schumer for the tampon shortage. OMED GRACKED.COM The company linked in- creased demand to the ad, despite the fact that supply chain issues around key ma- terials like cotton and plastic have been affecting other brands as well.


Cannabis replaces antibiotics as chicken farmers in Lampang go organic.

A farming community in Thailand is using cannabis with their chickens instead of antibiotics. CRACKED.COM Upon consuming cannabis, the chickens developed high- er immunity against disease and were able to withstand inclement weather. The com- munity claims this new feed- ing regime has improved the quality of meat and eggs.

National Thailand

GOP candidate argues calling Hitler "inspirational" was not "praise.”

A New York congressional candidate is adamant that calling Hitler inspirational during a speech was not praise. CRACKED.COM Carl Paladino made what seemed to be positive remarks about the Nazi leader in re- sponse to a question about how to effectively rouse the population during a February 2021 radio interview. Consider us roused.


Boston transit agency to try urine sensors on elevators.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is installing urine detectors in four elevators. - - - WARNING - - - i أ. E - ..... NO - SMOKING CRACKED.COM The sensors on the ceiling of an elevator have an attached fan, which allows them to suck in air and basically smell what is present, and then alert transit ambassa- dors, who can dispatch a cleaning crew.

AP News

This is the worst Kinder Surprise ever.

A man found an adult toy inside a fish he caught in the Ohio River. CRACKED.COME Jon Hoop thought the huge belly of the 20-pound catfish was because of eggs, but he was sorely mistaken. The daughter of Jon's friend, Richard, had her eyes COV- ered as the fish was cut open and the toy revealed.


GEICO to pay $5.2M to woman who says she caught STD in former partner’s car.

A woman successfully sued Geico after she caught an STD in her former partner's car. GRAGKED.COM The courts found that the man and woman had sex inside his vehicle that di- rectly caused, or directly contributed to cause the HPV infection, and she was awarded $5.2 million.

Pilot Online

Uvalde schools police chief: I didn't know I was in charge at the shooting scene.

The Uvalde school police chief admitted he didn't realize he was the one in charge during the deadly shooting. CRACKED.COM Pete Arredondo said that he didn't consider himself the person in charge as it unfolded and assumed someone else had taken control of the law en- forcement response.


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