20 Easter Eggs Hidden in Pixar's Movies

These little details make us love their movies even more.
20 Easter Eggs Hidden in Pixar's Movies

Pixar is awesome – although they can be kinda formulaic, the high concepts can get too high, and, well, then there’s the institutional racism and homophobia, and the worst crime of all, not having come up with Shrek. Still, Pixar is awesome, and it is undeniable that most of their movies are classics of animation, if not cinema itself. They are technically impeccable, usually very well written, and they don’t condescend to kids, instead treating them like the smart little weasels they know they are. In this overall context, however, one thing that really stands out in Pixar movies is not only their attention to detail, but also their passion for putting fun little Easter eggs everywhere. Hence, we here offer two things.

The first, dear reader, a new batch of Pixar easter eggs for you to drown in, like in that end scene from Toy Story 3 that was not interrupted by a blatantly deus ex machina cop-out. We’ve discussed Pixar Easter eggs before (also here and here), but the subject deserved more attention. As for the second thing we offer, it is just for Pixar executives, so you can go ahead to the Pictofact. Go on, the execs and us will be staying right here. Alright, they’re gone. Listen, suits, we have an elevator pitch for you: Pixar Planet. Picture this: an entire planet of cutesy, sentient, celebrity-voiced Pixar Easter eggs learning about friendship or Christmas or the horror of existence or whatever. Seriously, we have the entire franchise and theme park concept of this billion-dollar idea already in our heads. Yes, the villain would be the Pizza Planet car, of course. No, we won’t work with Lasseter, that’s a deal-breaker. Anyway, call us!

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