14 Movie and TV Easter Eggs That Point to a Shared Universe

Crossovers happen more often than we thought.
14 Movie and TV Easter Eggs That Point to a Shared Universe

Easter eggs often unlock bits and pieces of a film or TV show's universe — character connections, sets or costumes with deeper design details, etc. But sometimes these Easter eggs point to an entirely different world entirely; a world that you might know and love. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe built its characters up into a world, movies as varied as Up! or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can expand their worlds and stories into a multiverse of connected fun. Or that’s reaching, and these are weird little asides movie makers throw in because anybody's job can get boring if they do it long enough. 

Here are some Easter eggs that point to a wider expanded cinematic ultra-verse full of every crossover ever imagined. Or just the director being bored. Half a dozen of the other. Maybe she just wants to make her fanfics real. What’s a better reason to make media?

St. Elsewhere and Cheers

CRACKED.COM CROSSOVER EASTER EGGS ST. ELSEWHERE AND CHEERS Not only did St. Elsewhere keep dropping references to other shows, but an episode takes place in the bar from Cheers.

Oscorp Tower

A CROSSOVER EASTER EGGS THE AVENGERS AND THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN The Oscorp tower was to be put into The Avengers, but time ran out and no references remain. OSCORP CRACKED.COM

Source: IGN


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