18 Facts About What's Coming Out On Hulu In June

There's nothing new outside -- just stay in, watching movies and shows.
18 Facts About What's Coming Out On Hulu In June

There’s nothing outside that you haven’t seen before. Grass? Still green. Or brown. Or non-existent, if you live in the desert. The sun? Still bright. Still hot. Still the thing that brings us life while also killing us all, no matter how you picture it in space. Your neighbors? You never met them anyway. Why start now?

There’s no reason to go outside, so why not just stay in? Hulu has your back this June. There are plenty of ’80s classic action/sci-fi franchises like Predator and Alien to enjoy. You can also enjoy the new sci-fi of The Orville, among other things. Some of those other things include raunchy comedies from the 1990s, with some Muppets thrown in as well. Oh, you haven’t seen those yet? Now you can!

So why bother going outside? There are plenty of offerings that Hulu is adding this month. Here are some of them along with facts to make you feel smarter.

The Devil Wears Prada

June on hulu June 1 The Devil wears Prada Meryl Streep based her performance on Clint Eastwood, who never raised his voice and everyone had to lean in to listen, making him the most powerful person on set. CRACKED.COM

Source: Variety

Muppets From Space

June on hulu Muppets June 1 From space The original title for The Muppet Show's pilot episode was Sex and Violence, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the proliferation of both things on TV. CRACKED.COM

Source: BuzzFeed

Pineapple Express

June on hulu June 1 Pineapple Express Danny McBride was forced to stay taped into his chair for a whole day, as it would take too long to free him between takes and then accurately tape him back in. CRACKED.COM

Source: Variety

American Ninja Warrior

June on hulu June 7 season 14 American Ninja warrior According to former contestant Logan Broadbent, contestants only get a two- week notice before shooting. Not a lot of time for a ninja to train. CRACKED.COM

Source: TheThings


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