20 Amazing Actors (And Their Embarrassing First Appearances)

We doubt they even put these in their resume.
20 Amazing Actors (And Their Embarrassing First Appearances)

Nobody really begins where they want to be, and Hollywood is a prime example of this. Indeed, ignoring actors being handed starring roles purely out of ego-based nepotism, many performers begin in roles with names such as Background Extra #3, Poopin’ Man, or Conservative Comedian. These roles may seem weird or embarrassing, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere — after all, did you know Mila Kunis’ very first feature film was a Hulk Hogan Christmas movie? “Conservative Comedian” at least allows you to practice some acting chops as a disingenuous douche, but what can you even do in a Hulk Hogan Christmas movie?

Even if we have discussed this topic here at Cracked, this is a gift that just keeps on giving. Thus, here’s another batch of really early (and cringe-worthy) roles from awesome actors. We have focused mainly on movies (including some classic examples and other less-known gems we found while digging through the internet scrolls), but the research resurfaced some non-movie roles that are also worthwhile. Also, we take it back, playing a secondary character in a Hulk Hogan Christmas movie sounds way better than playing a Conservative Comedian.

Kristen Stewart

EMBARRASSING EARLY APPEARANCES KRISTEN STEWART in Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas Stewart's very first role was as a girl tossing a ring in a Flintstones movie nobody saw and nobody remembers. Now, in the scene itself you can only see her back, yet the role is pretty well-documented and there are even photos of her on set. CRACKED.COM

Source: Complex

Leonardo DiCaprio

EMBARRASSING EARLY APPEARANCES LEONARDO DICAPRIO in Critters 3 Yes, back in 1991 DiCaprio appeared in Gremli- sorry, in Ghoulies, wait, no, in Munchies? Hobgoblins? Oh, we got it, in Critters. Well, the third one, it was a whole genre back then. Leo then went on to better things, like a lifetime of dating 20-year-old models. CRACKED.COM

Source: Insider

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