15 Cringeworthy Early Roles Of Actors We Love

Before he was The One Who Knocks, Bryan Cranston was a soap opera star.
15 Cringeworthy Early Roles Of Actors We Love

Acting often has a long road to success, marked by roles in low budget movies, off off off off Broadway plays, and weird, goofy commercials and strange videos. It’s that way for most actors, with very few landing a major breakout role as their first. Working actors have to, well, put in the work to get to the top, starting at the bottom just like most every other career path. 

With the highs of their now successful careers in mind, looking back at the early, and sometimes embarrassing or strange roles our favorite actors had is a whole lot of fun. And it’s incredibly interesting to hear what they thought of those jobs, as well as what they learned from them. Our favorite meth kingpin Bryan Cranston, for instance, not only got his start on soap operas -- he considers that job incredibly challenging. Here’s the full story, plus 14 other early roles that we have forgotten but the stars themselves have not:

One of Michael Keaton's early roles was a panda on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood; TADLAEY He got dressed up as Black and White Panda - he was a stagehand at the PBS station that produced the show, and they got him to perform on stage. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

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