20 Trivia Tidbits As We Hurtle Towards Tuesday

20 Trivia Tidbits As We Hurtle Towards Tuesday

In a distant future, humanity has evolved into the form of bipedal, four-limbed creatures called “Grimms,” who can live and move freely on all terrain. In addition to these Grimm bodies, they have been granted special abilities such as the power to transform themselves into a dragon or a beast.

The story begins with two Grimms named Misha and Zoya, who were raised by a single mother after their father was killed in an enemy Grimm attack. The pair are sent away from the village they live in, along with their friend Svetlana, in order to train for their future as a Grimm hunter—a job that is dangerous enough on its own without also involving the fact that it requires killing other people.

“Hey, listen,” Misha told Zoya as they ran across wild steppe, loping like wolves yet somehow as graceful as a cheetah.

“Hm?” asked Zoya, inclining her head.

"I've got this weird list of facts I can't get out of my head. It goes … 

When they say ‘minimum security,’ they really mean it.

A former Harvard instructor and an early advocate of LSD walked out of prison. Dr. Timothy Leary walked out of California Men's Col- ony West, where he was serving a sentence for marijuana possession, and changed out of his prison jumpsuit in a gas station bathroom. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times 

There are little animals in Manhattan tap water.

The tap water in Manhattan is not kosher. Tiny crustaceans called co- pepods have been found in New York City tap water. Because of the high quality of its water, NYC is not re- quired by the EPA to me- chanically filter its water. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


We have cyanide-laced pills to thank for foil seals on medicine bottles.

Medicine bottles have foil seals because of poisonings in the 1980s. They were put in place af- ter a rash of poisonings ос- curred in 1982, in which seven people in the Chica- go area were killed after ingesting Tylenol laced with potassium cyanide. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

A fake photo was featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Someone hung up a photo of their dad in the Baseball Hall of Fame and no one noticed. A bar owner visiting Coo- perstown, New York slipped a photo of his dad wearing a baseball uniform into one of the glass cases. No one noticed for six years before taking it down. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Evening Tribune

Roosters have built-in ear plugs.

Roosters don't hurt their own ears with their crowing thanks to natural ear protectors. Researchers found that when a rooster opens its beak to crow, its external auditory canals close off, preventing sound from coming in and doing any damage. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A squirrel bridge saw just five of the rodents use it in two years.

A bridge for squirrels in the Netherlands didn't see much squirrel traffic. Costing £120,000 ($150,000 USD) over a two-year span, the bridge was used by just five squirrels in two years between 2014 and 2015. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


20% of all driving time is spent waiting at lights.

The average person will spend 6 months of their lives waiting for red lights to turn green. The average time spent waiting at a red light is 75 seconds, accounting for approximately a full fifth of all time behind the wheel for the average person. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Laughing while being tickled is a defense mechanism.

Being tickled triggers a defense mechanism. When we're being tickled, the part of the brain that anticipates pain is trig- gered.We might strike at whoever is tickling us or we might laugh, which is a sign of submission. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Daily Mail

Thought to be a myth, the “cat-fox” was found on a Mediterranean island.

A species ofcat-fox was discovered in Corsica. The kitties are bigger than normal house cats, with golden colored fur and ringed tails, and may be part of an unknown spe- cies that originated in Afri- ca or the Middle East thou- sands of years ago. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The oldest wine is 1,650 years old.

There is an unopened wine bottle from the 4th century. The Römerwein, or Speyer wine bottle, was discov- ered during the excavation of a Roman nobleman's tomb in modern-day Ger- many. It's on display, still sealed, in a museum in Germany. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

My Modern Met

A Norway island operates without conventional timekeeping.

An island in Norway wants to stop telling the time. Sommarsy, which lies north of the Arctic Circle, doesn't get any sun from November to January. When the sun doesn't set during the Sum- mer solstice, they live with no regard to conventional timekeeping. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


There’s barely any real wasabi in the states.

Almost all the wasabi sold in the U.S. is fake. 99 percent of what's called wasabi in the U.S. is actually a mix of horseradish and hot Chinese mustard, plus green dye. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The Atlantic

A youth magazine created the Pledge of Allegiance in the late 1800s.

The Pledge of Allegiance was created to sell flags. - I The magazine Youth's Com- panion sponsored a promo- tional essay contest for stu- dents in 1890, and also thought up a celebration for the 400th anniversary of Co- lumbus arriving in the Ameri- cas that involved, yep, more flags. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Boston Review

Chickens have earlobes.

Chickens lay eggs the same color as their ear lobes. While they lack outer ears, chickens still have lobes on the side of their heads. The color of the egg they lay will correspond to the col- or of this wrinkly patch of skin. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Sneezing while driving is dangerous.

Sneezing while driving at 60 mph means your eyes are closed for 50 feet. Drivers who tempo- rarily lose vision due to sneezing are the cause of 2,500 acci- dents every week in England. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

The News Wheel

Lots of candy uses bug poop as an ingredient.

The glaze on many types. of candy is made from bug poop. Confectioner's glaze, the shiny coating on candies like jelly beans and candy corn, is made from the excre- tions of female Kerria lacca insects. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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