36 Food Facts We'd Like To Remove From Our Brains

36 Food Facts We'd Like To Remove From Our Brains

Food! We want it fast, we want it healthy, and we want it delicious… But unfortunately, we frequently find ourselves in situations where we end up needing to pick two, one, or even zero of the options in order to get ourselves fed. Because we don't have infinite time to comb through all of the realities that go into creating all of the things that we love (and need) to shove in our hungry gobs-- We're often left unaware of some of the truly gross things that go into it. There's stuff that you're probably aware of in the back of your mind, like fast food places are rife with false advertisements and even falser ingredients… But what about all of the things you eat that are actually made out of bugs at best, and beaver butt glands at worst. 

And that's often not even the worst of it. Feeling brave? Keep scrolling.  

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