15 Now-You-Know Facts That Just Hit Different

Ah yes, 1995. ‘Batman Forever’ was playing in theaters, and Mississippi ratified the amendment ending slavery.
15 Now-You-Know Facts That Just Hit Different

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys, I have never been able to understand what's happened here. I mean I know that we're supposed to be in prison, but this place feels like some sort of hotel or something. We have our own rooms and the guards just bring us food whenever we want it. There are other guys from our cell block who've come over too, so there is always a party happening somewhere on this floor, and we all just get drunk together, laughing at whatever jokes are made up between us. And I guess it makes me feel better about myself that I haven't been able to figure this out either. I mean if we were supposed to be in prison I'd think the guards would keep us separated, wouldn't you?
What? You don't even think about that?
You're too busy reading a list of fifteen facts over and over?
Okay, let me see. So, let's start with the first fact …


Yoda and Miss Piggy are voiced by the same dude.

Yoda was puppeteered and voiced by the same person as Miss Piggy. CRACKED.COM Frank Oz is responsible for Yoda's distinctive character traits, as well as bringing beloved charac- ters to life, like Cookie Monster, Fozzie Bear, and Grover.


The amendment ending slavery wasn’t ratified in Mississippi until the ‘90s.

Mississippi didn't ratify the 13th amendment until 1995. CRACKED COM The 13th amendment, out- lawing slavery, was set into law in 1865, but several states didn't get around to ratifying it for some time. Delaware took until 1901, and Kentucky took until 1976.


‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ makes people very, very sleepy.

Some people suffer from 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome' which basically turns them into a hibernating bear. CRACKED.COM Sufferers will have periods of several days to a few weeks where they sleep for 16-20 hours a day and be- come extremely hungry when awake. They usually don't remember what they did during these episodes.


Sweden’s Twitter is run by random citizens.

The official Twitter account for the country of Sweden is run by random citizens. CRACKED.COM Citizens are given a week to run the account, with loose guidelines, if they've shown the ability to pro- duce engaging tweets on their own. This has only gone terribly wrong a few times.


King Cheetahs aren’t a separate species.

King Cheetahs are regular cheetahs with a recessive mutation. CRACKED.COM Thought to be a separate species, the unique cats have only been seen a handful of times in the wild since 1926. They have the Taqpep mu- tation which gives them stripes and a small 'mane' tuft on their necks.

Cheetah Spot

The televised trial of O.J. Simpson gave us ‘The Puppy Channel.’

A retired ad executive came up with The Puppy Channel while watching the O.J. Simpson trial. CRACKED.COM Dan FitzSimons realized that he liked to channel surf while he waited for the program he was watching to come back from commercials, so he came up with a channel that showed nothing but puppies playing for 24 hours a day.


Rabbits rapidly multiply thanks to their biology.

It's a rabbits biology, not so much its sexual proliclivity, that makes them multiply so quickly. CRACKED.COM A rabbit will be sexually ma- ture at around 5 months, and they can live for 10 years. They also only have a one month gestation period, and they can become preg- nant immediately after de- livering their litter.


A 92-year-old had an old ectopic pregnancy removed after 61 years.

An ectopic pregnancy in a Chinese woman from 1948 wasn't removed until 2009. CRACKED.COM Huang Yijun didn't have money for an operation to terminate the unviable pregnancy, so calcium de- posits eventually devel- oped around the dead tis- sue until she could have it removed at age 92.

NBC News

The Sleeping Beauty exhibit in Ukraine involved men kissing ‘sleeping’ women.

An art exhibit in Ukraine featured sleeping women that men could walk up to and kiss. CRACKED.COM If the women opened their eyes, they had to marry the man that was kissing them. Both parties signed agreements to the terms, but none of the women opened their eyes during the exhibit.

Huffington Post

Buzz Aldrin got his name from his older sister.

Buzz Aldrin got his name from his older sister mispronouncing 'brother.' CRACKED.COM When Edwin Aldrin was born, his one-and-a-half-year-old sis- ter called him 'buzzer,' trying to say 'brother.' This was shortened to 'Buzz' and be- came his chosen moniker.


Stallone gave Mr. T a bigger role in Rocky than originally intended.

Mr. T was only supposed to have a small role in 'Rocky III.' CRACKED.COM After being featured on NBC's 'America's Toughest Bouncer,' Sylvester Stal- lone intended to use Mr. T in a minor role, but that was quickly expanded to make him the primary an- tagonist.


Buffalo wings owe their popularity to the Bills.

The Buffalo Bills helped popularize buffalo wings. CRACKED.COM Buffalo wings were being served in Buffalo, NY since the '60s, but the media attention to the town after the Bills made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances from 1990 to 1993 helped introduce the dish to the rest of the country.


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