18 Now-You-Know TV Facts To Absorb While Binging

Television is your most important relationship, so you should learn about it.
18 Now-You-Know TV Facts To Absorb While Binging

Ah, television. Is there anything else that won’t fail you? Sure, there are shows that aren't great and others you aren’t interested in, but as a whole it will never leave you. It will be there to cheer you up when you’re down. It’ll kill time when you’re bored. It’ll make going to the dentist even mildly pleasant. Because TV will never break up with you. It will never cast you out of its life.

In order to show your devotion to TV, you should learn some things about it like you would any other important member of your life. It’s only fair since you’ve developed such a relationship with TV. You should learn about The Golden Palace. You should learn about Arrested Development. You should learn about How I Met Your Mother as much as you know about how your father met your actual mother.

Get started by checking out and learning these random facts about TV.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Gun Training

Brooklyn Nine-Nine The cast all got police gun safety training. Andy Samberg stated that he and the rest of the cast went through gun training before shooting the series. The producers wanted the police to be portrayed as accurately as possible with firearms. - WHENT WOLKER CRACKED.COM

Source: Parade

Genre Switch on 'Desperate Housewives'

Desperate Housewives The show was meant to be a 30-minute comedy. Marc Cherry noticed the pilot script he was writing kept getting longer and a bit more dramatic. Instead of fighting this, he decided it would be a different kind of show. CRACKED.COM

Source: Forbes

'Bob's Burgers' and Cannibalism

Bob's Burgers The show was supposed to be about a cannibal family. In Loren Bouchard's original pitch, the quirky, loving family made their burgers out of people meat. Coming from Adult Swim, he figured a dark angle was the best way to get the show noticed. CRACKED.COM

Source: Thrillist

An Engagement on 'How I Met Your Mother'

How / Met Your Mother A real engagement happened on the show. Timothy Russo was friends with one of the writers, and used that connection to get him and his girlfriend Jana Rugan a gig as extras. It was there that he proposed to Jana, and it stayed in the episode. CRACKED.COM

Source: WhatCulture

'Game of Thrones' Fur

Game of Thrones The furs were dolled-up IKEA rugs. In spite of having a multi-million dollar budget, the production wanted to save a few bucks in the costume department. So the costumers fashioned Jon Snow's furry robe and other Winterfell costumes out of $79 rugs from IKEA. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNBC

Sam Malone on 'Cheers'

CRACKED.COM Cheers Ted Danson went to bartending school. Danson took bartending classes in order to become a mixologist, thinking it would help the show. By his own admission, he's the world's worst bartender.

Source: CBS News

The 'Brady Bunch' Bathroom

CRACKED.COM The Brady Bunch The kids didn't have a toilet. Family TV was very restrictive-viewers should never imagine that the Brady kids ever needed to relieve themselves, based on the set design of the kids' bathroom.

Source: BuzzFeed

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