32 Spooky Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Famous Horror Films

32 Spooky Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Famous Horror Films

There's a special kind of magic to horror films… It's late at night, you're under a blanket and clutching a big bowl of popcorn as the images on your screen turn your surrounding living room into a place of terror. Every shadow could be hiding a monster. Every creaking noise could be an intruder. The truth is, however, that once you barge past the fictional, terrifying world that the movie is creating-- It's just a bunch of people at work, doing their jobs, sometimes covered in fake blood. The movies below are filled with wild or sometimes just interesting little tidbits and trivia facts that may just change the way you watch some of your favorite scary movies in the future. 

Did you know that Robert Englund, the man behind Freddy Krueger, got his start throwing leaves around for a different famous movie slasher? Or that some of the grizzliest scenes in some movies are realer than you may have imagined? All this and more below. 

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