15 Jokes in Kids' Movies and Shows (That Completely Flew Over Our Younger Selves' Heads)

15 Jokes in Kids' Movies and Shows (That Completely Flew Over Our Younger Selves' Heads)

Baudelaire, Shakespeare, other famous writer folk we weren't assigned to read in high school English literature. (Browning?) All of the greats have some things in common – cool hair, good at words, and a propensity for some of the dirtiest jokes around. Writers have been including the filthiest types of jokes in even the highest class of places, slipping the shit among the roses like an abridged (and somehow worse) version of the Aristocrats. 

The Aristocrats: a family goes into a producer's office, looking to showcase their new act. Maybe America's Got Talent is right for them or something else, right? The son vomits straight in the wife's mouth, who pisses on the daughter, who takes a dump into the father's mouth, who slowly melts himself into a plastic liquid on the floor. Once the room is filled up and the producer is drowning, is the name revealed. The Duggars Family Extravaganza (for Christ) – or, the Reality Show Aristocrats.

Slipping well-known jokes into movies is a treasured pastime -- but an even more treasured one? Slipping dirty jokes into everything – into the canon of Western literature, on statues, even on ship head masts. Kids' movies and TV shows aren't safe from even the most deprived and depraved minds out there. Here are some of the darkest, weirdest, and filthiest jokes hidden in kids' cartoons, from Disney to Disney's next studio purchase, here are some of the weirdest jokes that you'll never figure out how they managed to sneak in.


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