Imagine yourself, a small Hollywood reporter, hiding inside bins, listening in to stars' green rooms, locking yourself in a small box that's being transported across miles of ocean with very large listening devices to peep in on what all the cast and crew of Disney's latest movie have to say. 

Imagine no longer, friends! We will bring to you the news you crave. Not just another site, not some Tom, Dick, or Mary site -- no. You don't need to book a trip to Hollywood, or be exactly 21 years old, and extremely hot, and in the exact right place for Leonardo DiCaprio to see you to get the inside dish on what's going on behind the scenes. We'll lay it all down for you, so grab an old fashioned, or potentially scroll down faster because you're reading this while taking a dump at work and the boss is going to notice if you keep just leaving like this, Jerry, and get ready to see what the beautiful life of the stars is like.

Here are some facts.

Corpse Butt

CRACKED.COM Dumbest censorship Hannibal Horribly mangled bodies? That' OK - as long as no butts are visible. They amped up the gore to cover the corpses' asses with blood.


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