Despite all other titles and acclaim, Benedict Cumberbatch is not the most British name to ever come out of Britain. That would be Nigel Whifflepoofhawxe. However, he has accomplished a whole lot during his acting career. His fans (don’t call them “Cumberbitches”) can attest to that.

However, while he certainly displays his talent publicly and often, Cumberbatch tends to keep to himself regarding… well, himself. The guy just wants to keep his private life private (except his privates). It’s not that he’s guarding some terrible secret or anything. Hell, if he couldn’t hold onto a New York accent as Dr. Strange, he certainly couldn’t hold onto anything that dark.

But there is some cool information about him that much of the public doesn’t talk about. You know, small things like teaching English in a monastery, or getting kidnapped. Oh, and technically being a mutant. Here are some more details on those facts and others about Benedict Cumberbatch.


CRACKED.COM Benedict cumberbatch не has a talent for sketching. Cumberbatch uses sketching as a diversion, and to normalize this celebrity life as a means to ground himself. He's actually pretty good, and has even submitted a self- portrait to raise money for charity.

Source: BBC News

English Teacher

CRACKED.COM SEX Benedict cumberbatch не taught English at a Tibetan monastery. Before attending university, Cumberbatch spent a year teaching English to Buddhist monks and others at a monastery in Darjeeling, India. Не credits this time with helping him find stillness when acting.

Source: Lion’s Roar


Benedict cumberbatch не was kidnapped in south Africa. STATATA In 2005, during an off-day shooting To the Ends of the Earth, six men kidnapped Cumberbatch and his two co-stars, tossing them into the trunk of a car. Не managed to talk the kidnappers out of it. CRACKED.COM

Source: HuffPost

'The Fifth Estate'

CRACKED.COM Benedict cumberbatch Julian Assange tried to talk cumberbatch out of playing him. Cumberbatch reached out to Assange to get his character sorted and meet him. Assange's reply went viral, saying that the movie was a terrible idea. Based on the box office, he was right.

Source: The Guardian

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