15 Know-You-Know Film Facts To Share During Movie Night

Start your film-based trivia reign with these.
15 Know-You-Know Film Facts To Share During Movie Night

Movie night isn’t just about enjoying movies with your friends. We mean, sure, it is about just hanging out, eating crunchy snacks, and watching something while you’re surrounded by people you like but you just don’t want to directly talk to at the moment, but movie night can be more than that. It could be a challenge. A trivia challenge. A trivia challenge about movies!

However, if you want to declare yourself a god or goddess of cinema and crown yourself king with the title of “Movie Master,” you’re gonna need some quality, little known movie facts to back it up. If you come for the film king, you best not miss. So we’re here to help you hit your pop culture target and start your film-based trivia reign.

To ascend to the throne and turn your movie night friends into your serfs, here are some random film facts for you to show off.

'The Blues Brothers' and Cocaine

The Blues Brothers had a cocaine budget. It was used for rewards and for night stimulation, said Dan Aykroyd in an interview. According to him, cocaine was a common Hollywood currency at the time. CRACKED.COM

Source: Decider

Tarantino's Wallet

The wallet in Pulp Fiction was owned by Quentin Tarantino. Jules' profanity-enhanced wallet wasn't a prop. Tarantino had it as his own personal wallet. Не owned it as a reference to the movie Shaft. BAO OUTH R CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Toto's Paycheck

CRACKED.COM In The wizard of OZ, Toto made more money than the Munchkins. Hollywood has never been fair, but it's mind-boggling that the actors portraying the Munchkins were paid $50 per week, while Toto and his trainers got $125 per week.

Source: Grunge

Patrick Bateman's Inspiration

CRACKED.COM christian Bale's American Psycho was based on Tom cruise. Bale called up director Mary Harron, saying that he saw Tom Cruise on David Letterman and thought that energy would be perfect for Patrick Bateman, citing Cruise's very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.

Source: HuffPost

DiCaprio's Blood

CRACKED.COM Leonardo Dicaprio really cut his hand in Django Unchained. The glass in DiCaprio's hand was never intended to break, but he just used it to enhance his performance. After the take, the crew applauded his performance... then got him medical attention.

Source: Yahoo

Matrix Code

The code in The Matrix is made up of sushi recipes. The production designer scanned the Japanese characters from his wife’s sushi cookbook and incorporated them into the now-iconic green stream of code in the film.

Source: Wired

Kate Winslet's Drawing

CRACKED.COM James cameron made the charcoal drawing of kate winslet in Titanic. In addition to a talented director, Cameron is a talented artist as well. The nude portrait of Rose, and all the other artwork drawn by Jack, was actually Cameron's work.

Source: CBR

'Toy Story 2' Near-Loss

Toy story 2 was almost deleted. A Pixar employee accidentally typed in a command that erased all the movie files. Thankfully, this multi-million dollar mistake was averted as a technical director on maternity leave had a copy of everything at home. CRACKED.COM

Source /Film

Spielberg's Pro-Bono Work

steven spielberg refused a paycheck for schindler's List. The movie being a close and personal project for Spielberg, he refused to take a salary for it. His share of the profits went to the Shoah Foundation, a history archive for the Holocaust and other tragic events. GRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Gene Hackman's 'Silence of the Lambs'

Gene Hackman was going to direct silence of the Lambs. The actor snapped up the film rights to the book, with the intention of making his directorial debut. After several questionable decisions, Hackman decided that he just didn't want the rights anymore. CRACKED.COM

Source: Empire

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