43 Facts About Alcohol Served Up Like a Shot

Bottoms up!
43 Facts About Alcohol Served Up Like a Shot

You may know a lot about your favorite beer, wine or spirit, but we'd reckon there are a few facts on this list that will still surprise you. For instance: Did you know the funny way vodka was marketed to compete with the more popular whiskey? Or the weird ways Prohibition-era drinkers tried to capture the taste of their favorite drinks? Or how one of the most famous names in all of booze had actually never enjoyed a drop? 

That said, this list does not include some sort of magical cure all for hangovers. Youre on your own with that.

The oldest recorded beer recipe is in a Sumerian song, The Hymn to Ninkasi, 14 originally found on a tablet from 1800 ВСЕ. CRACKED.COM
Communion wine was the first drink consumed on the Moon's surface. Before the flight, Buzz Aldrin made arrangements with his pastor to bring a small amount of blessed wine and bread to the Moon which he drank and ate in the lunar lander shortly after landing on the surface. CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM beer pala pivo evetly lezak be I Rudigeia Budwisdigeiser Cudvar Couch P ORGAN В ORIGINAL в ORGIN B:ORIGINAL properted Lage BUDWEIR Czech moons BUDWEIB DWEISER - LIQUID BUDWEIS ЛИЦЕНЗИОННОЕ - - FILL - and 215 Beer was considered a foodstuff in ВЫГОДНО! Russia until 2013, due to the fact that only beverages that were more than 10% alcohol by volume were considered alcoholic.
SAMPLE SAU-DE-VIK How does Peire Williams شامعة adidas a full-size fruit wind up inside the liquor? They hang bottles from the branches so that the newly formed fruit will grow inside them. CRACKED COM
CRACKED.COM Beer attracts slugs. That's because beer smells like overripe fruit to slugs, thanks to its fermented yeast.
During Prohibition, bootleggers would try to mimic the tastes of different drinks with strange ingredients. For instance, to imitate bourbon, they would add dead rats and rotten meat. Juniper oil was used for gin, and creosote for scotch's smoky flavor. CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM Smirnchip S Piorre SAL HE WORLD'SI NOFE NOFI SMIRNOFF® TM Smitheff TA Su When Smirnoff was bought by an American company in 1933, whiskey was at its prime and Americans preferred it over vodka, so they simply promoted it as white- whiskey and P called it a day. SMIRNOFF
The bubbles in Guinness Stout sink, rather than rise. ESTP 1759 GUINNESS BREWED IN DUBLIN Researchers in Ireland speculate that it has to do with the shape of the pint glass it's usually served in. CRACKED.COM


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