23 Surprising and Strange Pieces of Local News

The weirdest home grown news you missed.
23 Surprising and Strange Pieces of Local News

Here's the thing about the endless barrage of 24/7 news on cable television, and the stream of hot takes on your Twitter timeline-- A lot of smaller local news stories end up slipping through the cracks. Some of them, sure, are just as depressing as the latest evidence that the world is hurtling towards a catastrophic heat death, or the government basically bungling their way into oblivion, or more frequently both at the exact same time… But some of them, thankfully, are hilarious! 

In the list below we have an interesting solution to a runaway groom on their wedding day, a goat who fought the law (and the law won), and the most terrifying baked good the good people of Poland have ever seen. 

Did any of this deserve national attention amid all of the things going on in the world right now? Probably not. Would the news be a lot more enjoyable to watch? Probably yes. 

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