11 Pieces of Deeply Strange News From Small Communities

11 Pieces of Deeply Strange News From Small Communities

Small communities have a lot to offer. In addition to being close-knit and friendly, they often boast lower crime rates and a higher quality of life. However, small communities can also face challenges, such as a lack of resources and limited economic opportunities. While it may be difficult for small communities to compete with larger cities, there are ways to overcome these challenges. For example, by investing in infrastructure and promoting tourism, small communities can attract new businesses and residents. In addition, by working together, residents of small communities can make a big impact. By banding together, they can lobby for resources from the government and help to make their community a better place to live. Together, small communities can overcome any challenge.

People love a good mystery, and small towns are always ripe for strange happenings. Tales of the eerie and unexplained circulate endlessly in these communities, where everyone knows each other's business. Here are a few recent examples from around the country that will leave you scratching your head. Who knew that such weirdness could be hiding in plain sight?

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